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‘2023 Korea-Japan college football opens’ March Japan expedition Denso Cup, lower grade – women’s division, etc. expanded organization

The first Korea-Japan match in 2023 is decorated with college football. The Korea University Football Federation will hold the ‘Denso Cup Korea-Japan University Football Regular Match’ in Tokyo, Japan on March 20th and 21st. On the 20th, the 1st and 2nd year championships (3:00 pm) and the women’s college division (6:00 pm), and on the 21st, the college selection team (1:00 pm) will face off. In early February, the University Federation organized the related contents through discussions with the Japanese side.

The Korea-Japan war is always a hot interest. Recently, Yasuharu Sorimachi, technical director of the Japan Football Association, drew attention by mentioning the match between Korea and Japan. According to reports from Japanese media such as Sports Hochi, Chairman Sorimachi conducted an online interview with reporters after the technical committee meeting. Regarding the opponent of the Japanese national team’s A match in March, he said, “Korea is also a powerhouse that advanced to the round of 16 in the World Cup, so I think it is worth considering.” Of course, this ended in a happening. On the 6th, the Korea Football Association decided to hold a friendly match against the Colombian national team on March 24th. Around March 28th, the opponent for the second match will be decided from a South American country,’ it was officially announced.

As a result, the first Korea-Japan match of this year has become the responsibility of the college selection ‘brothers’. The Korean university selection team is led by Dankook University head coach Park Jong-gwan. Coach Park led Dankook University to the 2022 U-League King of Kings Championship. Kim Young-moo, head coach of Soongsil University, and others will serve as coaches. The players who will participate in the Denso Cup will be confirmed at the end of February after checking until the 59th Spring Collegiate Football Federation.

There is something to note about the 2023 Denso Cup. Until now, the Denso Cup has been a way for college selection teams from Korea and Japan to face each other once. It’s different this time. A total of three matches will be held, including the existing college selection team, the 1st and 2nd year championships, and the women’s university division. In the 1st and 2nd year championships, Incheon University, which won the 19th 1st and 2nd year college football Tongyeonggi last month, will participate as a representative. The women’s university department plans to form a women’s university selection team through consultation with the Korea Women’s Football Federation.

Byun Seok-hwa, president of the University Football Federation, said, “We have expanded the organization of exchange matches between Korea and Japan. 슬롯사이트 In Korea, according to the K-League Under 22 (U-22) regulations, low-grade players go to the pros. I thought it was good to build up. I thought it would be a great help to experience the uniqueness of the Korea-Japan match. The women’s university department was a proposal from the Japanese side, saying, ‘I hope you can create an opportunity.’ Players grow through international competitions , I think I can have a bigger dream,” he said.

Meanwhile, Korea recorded 1 win and 1 loss in the two Denso Cups held last year. In the first game held in Japan, he bowed his head 0-5. In the second leg at home, they took revenge by winning 3-2.

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