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5 of the top online gambling software to try today

The vast majority of online casino players will be acutely aware of the importance of game software developers to the industry. The brands who create games not only find ways to entertain us, but also dictate the direction of the industry. Without the work of Evolution and Playtech, for example, we probably wouldn’t have a live casino sector. If not for Big Time Gaming, we wouldn’t have Megaways games.

Normally, you can find all the information you need on a platform’s operations and ethos in the casino FAQ section, including bonus and promo information. That’s always a good place to start when choosing an online casino. But having the games from the top software developers should be one of the most crucial determining factors in your choice.

In light of that, we would like to list who we believe to be the most en trend developers in 2022, i.e., the brands 안전놀이터 that every casino should have. Of course, this is a subjective opinion, and everyone will have their preference in the same manner as choosing between video games from Blizzard, Rockstar, and the rest. But for us, these five are the pick of the bunch right now:

Pragmatic Play
It’s arguable that no developer has had as rapid a rise as Pragmatic in recent years. The fact it was only founded in 2015 but quickly became one of the most important developers, is a testament to the popularity of its games. If you know Pragmatic, you’ll know its traits – cute-looking games that belie a lot of volatility. Due to the explosive nature of some of the gameplay and payouts, Pragmatic has become the developer of choice for many streamers on Twitch and YouTube. It’s top dog in 2022.

Microgaming is an interesting one. It is credited with creating the first online casino games in the 1990s, and it also created many trends in the industry, including the first branded slot based on the Tomb Raider Games. But it fell out of fashion for a few years. However, Microgaming has been knocking it out of the park recently. What we like most about it is that it has rebooted many of its all-time classic games for a modern audience. Better graphics and, in some cases, much bigger payouts.

If you were to explain to any non-player how casino gaming can be fun and more about entertainment than money, your first example would have to be Blueprint’s selection of games. No developer packs more fun features and bonuses into individual games than Blueprint. It’s not a massive studio in terms of library, but every game has the utmost attention to detail. One of the best pound-for-pound developers.

IGT (International Game Technology)
There is always room for the classics, and we believe IGT deserves to be on this list. If you weren’t aware, IGT is one of the biggest manufacturers of physical slot machines – you can’t walk through a casino in Las Vegas without bumping into an IGT game. Its online selection mostly tends to reflect its offline library, and that’s a good thing. A must for fans of classic slot games, although IGT’s modern creations aren’t too shabby either.

BTG (Big Time Gaming)
As we mentioned, this is a subjective list. Big Time Gaming, which was recently purchased by Evolution Gaming, is an acquired taste, and not everyone is a fan of the developer’s games. But you can’t deny that they have a unique style. Games like Chocolates, Lil Devil, Star Clusters, and several other slots to play like no other games you’ll find online. Love them or hate them, BTG is doing something different.