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‘As expected, the strongest self-love’ Romario “Who is Messi or Romario? Of course I am!”

“Messi? Homariuji.”

It is also Homario. Romario is one of the best strikers in history. He was called the devil’s talent. Despite his frequent eccentricity and insincere attitude, he showed a solid appearance on the ground. In particular, his skill and decision-making power were praised for being at an all-time high. He caused problems for each team he was in, but his goals were consistent. He scored 1000 goals unofficially. He is now living a second life as a politician.

Romario’s heyday was also at Barcelona. Romario, who played tremendously for PSV Eindhoven, moved to Barcelona in 1993, scoring 30 goals in his first year there. He said he wanted to go to the Rio Carnival, and it was at this time that he got a real hat-trick when he was told that he would be let go if he achieved a hat-trick in El Clasico. However, he did not stay for a long time due to his continuing personal life problems, but it was a time when Romario’s talent was known to the world. 온라인바카라

In a recent interview with ESPN, Romario drew comparisons between his days as Johan Cruyff, dubbed the Dream Team, and Pep Guardiola’s yet another golden era for Barça. He created a dream team that combined the team from Cruyff and the team from Guardiola, but he chose himself rather than Lionel Messi for the front line. “We play in different positions. In Messi’s position, Messi is the best. In my position, I am better,” said Romario.

Romario picked most of his players from his time in this new dream team, but only three from his Guardiola days. Dani Alves, Xabi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta.

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