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Bento’s successor ‘Bordalas’ mentioned… Possibility of recruiting?

◀ Anchor ▶

This is sports news on Thursday night.

A month after Bento left, a candidate for the soccer team’s command tower was first mentioned.

Bordalas, who recently led Valencia and is still attracting attention from several Spanish teams, is the main character.

This is reporter Kim Tae-woon.

◀ Report ▶

As Bento’s successor, a foreign coach was first on the list, instead of a domestic one.

Spanish radio ‘Cadena Serre’ reported, “The Korea Football Association has contacted Bordalas, former Valencia coach,” and “showed interest, such as investigating in recent weeks.”

Bordalas took charge of Spain’s Getafe and Alaves, and achieved promotion to the first division twice…

Last year, he led Valencia and won the King’s Cup runner-up.

However, in his 30 years of leadership, he has never played for a league or national team outside of Spain.

[Michael Müller/Football Association Power Reinforcement Committee Chairman]
“It is important not only to play football, but also to match our football philosophy with environmental factors, such as whether there is a will to live in Korea.”

In addition, as many Spanish clubs such as Getafe and Sevilla are showing serious interest as the next manager, the possibility of actual recruitment is unknown.

[Jose Bordalas (Radio ‘Cadena Ser’ interview)]
“I’m getting a lot of attention from Sevilla? I know about that. But so far no team has made an offer for me.” 안전놀이터

Another Spanish media also revealed that “the Korea Football Association is approaching a Spanish coach with a long La Liga career in addition to Bordalas.”

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