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Cho Sang-woo, ‘not accused of sexual assault’, loses in damages lawsuit against KBO

Kiwoom Heroes Cho Sang-woo lost a lawsuit against the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) for damages.

On the 22nd, the 46th Division of the Civil Agreement of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Lee Won-seok) ruled that the plaintiff lost in the lawsuit filed by Cho Sang-woo against the KBO for damages.

In May 2018, Cho Sang-woo was investigated by the police for sexual assault with then-teammate Park Dong-won. A woman who was drinking with her claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Jo Sang-woo and Park Dong-won. Cho Sang-woo insisted that the sex was consensual, and Park Dong-won left first and stated that there was no relationship itself.

The KBO issued an ‘indefinite suspension of participation activities’ to Cho Sang-woo, and then returned to the ground in January 2019 when the prosecution did not prosecute him for lack of evidence. The KBO canceled the suspension and ordered 80 hours of community service for the two players for damaging the dignity of the league.

Cho Sang-woo requested the KBO for the number of days registered for the first team and compensation for his salary, but the KBO did not accept it. Even if it is not sexual assault, it is the reason that bringing a woman to the away accommodation caused social controversy and damaged the dignity of the KBO league. 메이저놀이터

In response, Cho Sang-woo filed a lawsuit in November 2021 to compensate for 140 million won in annual damages due to suspension of participation activities and to pay 10 million won in alimony. He also requested that the 95 games he failed to play in 2018 be recognized as the number of free agent registration days.

Meanwhile, Jo Sang-woo has been serving in the military as a public service worker since March 2022.

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