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Cho Sung-kwon – Lee Sang-hyuk subbed out…Coach Jung Jae-woon, “I told Coach Hwang to take all the Gimpo players”

“I told them to take all our players to the national team.”

Gimpo FC will host Seongnam FC in the 29th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 30 at Tancheon Sports Complex. Gimpo is in sixth place with 42 points (11 wins, 9 draws and 6 losses).

Gimpo started Lee Sang-wook, Park Kyung-rok, Lee Kang-yeon, Kim Min-ho, Song Jun-seok, Kim Yi-seok, Jang Yun-ho, Park Kwang-il, Kim Jong-seok, Min Sung-yeon, and Bae Jae-woo. Park Cheong-hyo, Kim Jong-min, Kim Tae-han, Kim Sung-min, Pablo, Luis, and Son Seok-yong were on the bench.

After a strong start to the season, Gimpo has faltered lately, suffering from defensive woes and losing their last two games. With players in the thin squad exhausted, Cho Sung-kwon and Lee Sang-hyuk were called up to the age-group squad. Head coach Choi Jung-woon is determined to keep a smile on his face and do the best he can despite the difficult situation.

[Head Coach Choi Jung-woon at the press conference]

  • What did you say to the players during the losing streak?

The more we play, the better we play, but the result is what matters. Coming into the third round robin and losing back-to-back games is frustrating, and I’m worried about losing confidence.

  • You changed the captain.

I gave Park Kwang-il the captain’s armband because Lee Sang-wook wasn’t playing much and I was feeling stressed as captain. I also talked to Lee Sang-wook. It’s been a while.

  • Foreigners have been missing from the starting lineup.

We’re not in a position to rotate them, but the schedule is tight and most of them have played full time. Juningyo is resting due to accumulating cautions and Luis is on the bench to rest because of the load. Yoon Min-ho was injured on the training field yesterday. We don’t have a dedicated training center, so we train on artificial turf, but he got injured and had to leave. They’ve been working hard, so I wanted to give them a chance for motivation or something like that, so the squad will feel rewarded.

Gabriel is doing really well. He came from Ansan and he’s doing really well. I think he’s better because he has a lot of experienced players around him, so he’s more confident. Containment of Gabriel will determine the outcome. Coach Lee Ki-hyung has been using the back three since he was at Incheon, so we have to be ready because he knows how to settle down defensively and attack. The weather will be a factor. 바카라사이트

  • It would be heartbreaking if someone like Yoon Min-ho got injured in training.

It’s a shame because you have to give them the environment to study and do well. There is no space to teach the players even if they are brought in. Of course, I understand the city’s position, but it’s really difficult to train on artificial turf. In the summer, if you run for 10 minutes, your feet are exhausted. The natural grass field is often unusable. But I’m grateful and I’m doing it.

  • Under these circumstances, it seems worthwhile to produce age-group athletes.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong called me. He gave me Cho Sung-kwon, but Lee Sang-hyuk also asked for a favor and said, “You can take all the players.” The team situation is also important, but I want them to take a lot of players. Playing for our team can be a growth, but going to the national team can be even better.

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