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Choi Young-joon’s wish for ‘healing’ in Jeju… ‘Romance’ and ‘dignity’ shown by Pohang supporters

Pohang Steelers supporters wished Choi Young-jun (Jeju United) a speedy recovery and showed ‘romance’ and ‘dignity’.

The entrance gate on one side of the Jeju World Cup Stadium, the home stadium of Jeju United. Pohang supporters ‘Steel Warriors’ put up a placard. ‘2020 Pohang · 2023 Jeju captain Choi Yeong-joon, waiting for you to dominate the ground again’ is written. At the bottom, ‘I wish Choi Young-jun a speedy recovery’ was added. Even though Pohang and Jeju have not yet played head-to-head, they put up a placard at the Jeju World Cup Stadium.

Jeju ‘Captain’ Choi Young-joon wore a Pohang uniform as a rental student in the summer of 2019. He was loved by Pohang fans for his steadfast play during his rental life. In the 2020 season, the following year, Choi Young-joon continued his loan life, but Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong gave him the captaincy as an unusual loaner. Throughout the season, Choi Young-joon played a big role in Pohang’s midfield, armed with sincerity. Even after the season ended, Pohang fans showed their sincerity by hanging placards saying, “President, please buy Choi Young-joon.” 먹튀검증

Choi Young-joon moved to Jeju from last season, and wore the captain’s armband this season, his second year. Young-Jun Choi’s will was stronger than ever to the point of claiming his claim. He actively communicated with young players and raised the atmosphere of the team through active communication with Jeju coach Nam Ki-il. He demonstrated leadership both on and off the field. However, he suffered an injury called a cruciate ligament rupture before the opening game and has been away for a long time.

The Jeju club also found this right away and posted the contents of ‘football is war, then romance’ through social media. Pohang club also responded to this. In addition, it is known that the Jeju club plans to adjust the position of the placard so that more fans can see it. This is a consideration that the Jeju club can do.

Football is literally ‘war’. They do not spare their bodies for one goal, and even so, the winner and the loser are divided. Not only players but also supporters exchange provocations. However, like a flower that bloomed in the war, the placard full of romance raised by Pohang supporters became a medium to temporarily cool off the fierceness and overheating inside and outside the soccer field.

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