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Daejeon, which came up in K League 1, ‘number of wins’ by signing ‘K League 2 scoring 1st and 2nd’

Daejeon Hana Citizen, who entered K League 1 (Part 1), raised the number of wins with proven offensive resources in K League 2 (Part 2). According to an official familiar with the K-League transfer market, Daejeon has confirmed the signing of Brazilian striker Thiago, who played for Gyeongnam FC. The detailed negotiations were completed, and the medical test was completed on the 10th. Daejeon, which restored Kaiser, who was in charge of the front line last season, was looking for a foreign striker with a sense of weight. Several players were on the lookout. Daejeon, which recently sent Willian to FC Seoul, narrowed down the candidate to Thiago, who was recognized for his ability in K-League 2, and negotiated. Gyeongnam, which was initially in a position to send Tiago, changed the airflow again and changed 스포츠토토 its posture to catch Tiago. Daejeon then made a buyout with a bold bet, and eventually embraced Thiago.

Thiago was one of the K-League 2 hit products last season. I turned around and put on the Gyeongnam uniform. Thiago was the player he was originally aiming for when he recruited Malken, who won the MVP and the top scorer in both K-League 1 and 2. A scouting team flew to Brazil to observe Thiago, but they chose Malken, who caught their eye instead. Afterwards, Gyeongnam reached out again to Thiago, who had passed through Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and Thiago played a special role befitting his special relationship. He exploded 18 goals his first year. He was evaluated not only for his header using his 1m90 tall height, but also for his ability to keep the ball and connect.

In Daejeon, Thiago was added and the offense was strengthened. One thing to keep an eye on is the battle strategy. Prior to Thiago, Daejeon recruited ‘K League 2 top scorer’ Yoo Kang-hyeon from Chungnam Asan. Yoo Kang-hyun and Tiago had a fierce scoring race in the 2022 season, and Yoo Kang-hyun took the top scorer by one goal. The two won the K-League 2 Best 11 Striker category at the K-League Awards last season. Daejeon bet the fate of the 2023 season on Yoo Kang-hyun and Thiago, who chewed up the K-League 2. The first task for the promoted teams is to become a goalscorer in the K-League 1. In the end, the result of the game is divided in goals. It is a match that has already been evaluated as a K-League 1-class power, but I continued to worry about reinforcing players in the front line. The first-class strikers from the K-League 1 스포츠토토 that they were aiming for didn’t budge, or the ransom was too high. However, there was a risk of adapting to the K-League if we turned our eyes abroad. The selection was proven strikers in the K League 2. ‘A striker who succeeds in K-League 2 also works in K-League 1’ is a proven proposition. There are numerous success stories. Adriano, Jonathan, Malken, Na Sang-ho, Felipe, Ahn Byeong-jun, and other native and foreign strikers who won the top scorer in the K-League 2 also performed exceptionally well in the K-League 1. Daejeon is pinning its hopes on this part. Daejeon, which added stability to the back and defense through the full recruitment of Joo Se-jong and the trade of Oh Jae-seok, aims to enter the Final A of the new season through the recruitment of Thiago and Yoo Kang-hyun.

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