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‘Did you get dirty’ Vinicius, after an argument with the opponent, the club WC emblem ‘tuk-tuk’…Like Ronaldo

Vinicius Junior (23, Real Madrid) robbed the Club World Cup emblem. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) in 2015.

Real Madrid suffered a shocking defeat 2-4 in a confrontation with Girona FC in the 31st round of La Liga in the 2022-2023 season held at Estadi Municipal de Montilivi in ​​Girona, Spain on the 26th at 2:30 am (Korean time).

Vinicius Jr., who had been harassing Girona’s side from the beginning of the game, was afflicted with the fierce concentration marks of Girona’s defenders. After penetrating the left flank once, Vinicius, who dribbled into the box and was knocked down by a rough tackle, continued to collide with Girona’s right-flank defender Arnau Martinez.

Afterwards, Vinicius was pushed back from the competition with the Girona defense and fell towards the touchline, and in this situation, he had an altercation with Santiago Bueno. After a rough argument, Vinicius brushed off the Club World Cup championship emblem on the right chest of his uniform as if dusting off it.

The scene reminded me of Vinicius’ real senior Cristiano Ronaldo.

In January 2015, in a match between Real Madrid and Cordoba CF, Ronaldo was sent off for a rough foul in the 37th minute of the second half. Ronaldo, penetrating into the penalty area, competed for the ball with opposing defender Edimar. At this time, their bodies collided with each other. At this moment, Ronaldo kicked Edimar in the leg. 메이저사이트

Edimar covered his face and collapsed on the spot. The referee immediately showed Ronaldo a red card, and Ronaldo accepted the decision without any protest. 

On his way back to the locker room, Ronaldo took the action of wiping off his Club World Cup emblem. It was as if he was brushing off something dirty on his right breast.

At the time, many European media outlets scrambled to report Ronaldo’s actions. Britain’s ‘The Independent’ said, “Ronaldo showed an act of popping the Club World Cup emblem, which is an arrogance.”

Meanwhile, Real, who had difficulty concentrating in the match against Girona, lost 2-4 in a cluttered atmosphere.

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