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‘Doping positive’ Pogba lives on ‘minimum wage’…annual salary of 115 million → 300 million ‘shock fall’

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba’s salary has been cut to the Italian minimum wage after he tested positive for the banned substance testosterone in a doping test.

“Pogba will now earn 2,180 euros ($3.11 million) per month,” Juve FC said on Thursday (Aug. 14), citing a report by Tuttomercatoweb.

“Juventus have taken the step of potentially suspending Pogba, who is facing a ban for a doping-related offense. “The club and fans are deeply concerned by the revelation that Pogba recently tested positive for a doping violation after a poor season and were hoping for a better one,” the article said, adding that Juventus may be forced to reconsider their relationship with the player and even consider parting ways.

“Pending the outcome of the doping investigation, it is unclear what the fate of Pogba’s contract with Juventus will be,” he continued, adding, “According to Tuttomercato Web, Pogba’s earnings have been cut to the level of the Italian minimum wage. Pogba will reportedly receive €2180, which will last until the results of the second doping test are finalized,” adding that Pogba’s salary has been cut significantly.

Pogba was previously earning €8 million a year at Juventus. However, due to his positive doping test, his salary was reduced to the Italian minimum wage.

Finally, Juve FC said that Juventus would also consider terminating Pogba’s contract if “a second test proves that he has taken a banned substance, Juventus could take more significant measures than just a salary cut.” 스포츠토토

“We announce today that midfielder Paul Pogba has been handed a provisional suspension by the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal following an adverse result in a doping test conducted on August 20, 2023,” Juventus said on the club’s official website, adding, “We reserve the right to evaluate the next procedural steps.”

European football journalist Fabrizio Romano also wrote on social media, “Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has been handed a provisional suspension for an anti-doping violation. The decision was officially confirmed in a statement from the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal,” adding that Pogba has tested positive for a banned substance and will be unable to play for the foreseeable future.

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