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‘Escape from crisis’ first than ‘Byungsoo Ball’…’Suwon Rescue Operation’ planned by Kim Byeong-soo, director of ‘Firefighter’

For manager Kim Byeong-soo, ‘escape from the crisis’ is more important than ‘Byung-soo Ball’.

Suwon Samsung announced through a press release on the 4th, “The Suwon Samsung Soccer Team appointed coach Kim Byung-soo as the 8th coach on the 4th. The contract period is until the end of December next year.”

Suwon, who had repeatedly fallen, made a decision. Manager Lee Byeong-geun was hardened and manager Kim Byung-soo was appointed. Suwon said, “As the conditions for the next coach to overcome the crisis of desperation, he decided on football philosophy based on his own playing style, team communication, and ability to respond to the game, and decided coach Kim Byung-soo as the right person to overcome the crisis.” Explain the seniority background.

Director Kim Byung-soo, who analyzed the current problems of Suwon and presented solutions for the future in the most active and detailed way. Suwon held a press conference on the 8th at 11:00 am at the clubhouse in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, inauguration of coach Kim Byung-soo. ‘Firefighter’ director Kim Byung-soo took on the heavy responsibility of rescuing Suwon in crisis and started directing.

After retiring as a player, coach Kim Byung-soo spent his managerial career going through Yeungnam University, Seoul E-Land FC, and Gangwon FC. He drew attention with the so-called ‘Byeongsu Ball’, a colored football. This is the reason why colorful changes are expected in Suwon, where a distinct characteristic has not been felt for a long time.

However, short-term change is unreasonable. When asked about the possibility of ‘Byung-Soo Ball’, manager Kim Byeong-soo said, “Suwon is not my only team. It is impossible for me to do what I want to do.” He added, “If we take enough time and prepare step by step, we will be able to see opportunities, but there is not enough time to dress the players now in things that do not suit them.”

It is the best that can be done in the situation of falling to the bottom and the limit of being appointed midway. This determination is also felt in the composition of the coaching staff. Scout Joo Seung-jin has been appointed as head coach, first-team coach Oh Jang-eun and Juninyo physical coach have been reappointed, while second-team coach Kim Joo-pyo and Shin Hwa-yong GK coach take on new roles. ‘Blue Wolf’ Yang Sang-min has been changed to a scout, and TNT FC CEO Kim Tae-ryung joins the power analyst, who was previously one. 먹튀검증

Coach Kim Byung-soo said, “It’s a difficult situation. I thought the next problem was whether I was good at soccer or not.” “What I can do now is find a way to make the atmosphere good. “, he emphasized.

In this way, director Kim Byung-soo took a strand in the direction of identifying existing resources as quickly as possible and utilizing them as much as possible. Priority was given to the task of escaping from the crisis that Suwon is facing rather than the tactical part of ‘Byeongsu Ball’. Director Kim Byung-soo started the ‘Suwon Rescue Operation’ under the plan to move step by step rather than immediately noticeable change.

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