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Ha Seok-joo’s Aztecs scored 6 goals and didn’t concede a goal… 3 straight wins + tournament… Taebaek Sangi’s bracket is complete

Defending champion Ajou University entered the tournament with a near-perfect performance on both offense and defense.

Azu University, coached by Ha Seok-ju, secured a spot in the round of 16 with a 1-0 victory in the third match of Group 12 of the 59th Autumn University Football Championship between Wonkwang University and Taebaek Sanggi at Gowon 1 Stadium in Taebaek, Gangwon Province, on Nov. 16. After defeating Jungwon University (1-0) and Inje University (4-0) earlier in the day, Ajou University won all three group games with six goals and a clean sheet, raising expectations for a second straight victory in the tournament.

In addition, Sun Moon University, Yonsei University, and Korea University punched their tickets to the round of 16 with three consecutive wins. Korea University in particular showed off its firepower, scoring 21 goals in three group games. 메이저놀이터

Daegu vs. Hanyang, Dongdaegu vs. Kimhae, Gyeonggi vs. Dongguk, Jungwon vs. Chodang, Hoiwon vs. Mokpo University of Science and Technology, and Songho vs. Dankook will play in the Round of 22 on the 18th. The six winners will advance to the Round of 16.

Taebaeksanggi 59th Autumn University Football Competition Qualification Day 3

Hongik University 4-0 Cheongwoon University
Korea University 8-1 Pusan National University
Sungkyunkwan University 1-1 Cheongju University
Ajou University 1-0 Wonkwang University
Mokpo University of Science and Technology : Mungyeong University
Dong-A University 5-1 Jeju Halla University
Yonsei University 3-0 Daegu University
Kyungpook National University 4-1 Suwon National University
Hanyang University 4-1 Kukje Cyber
Dongguk University 2-1 Suseong University
Sun Moon University 2-0 Dongshin University
Ho Won University 2-0 Honam University
Songho University 2-1 Gumi University
Seikyung University 1-2 Chodang University
Jungwon University 4-1 Inje University
Andong Science University 2-1 Woosuk University
Full Gospel Assembly 4-1 Dongyang University
Kyungpook National University 3-0 Yeoju University
Chosun University 4-1 Seoul Digital
Hannam University 2-0 Calvin College
Kimhae University 1-0 Cyber Foreign University

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