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Haetae without Lee Jong-beom? Kim Do-young leaves, KIA baseball sketch is wrong

It was a futile injury. 

KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young (19) left after two games in the opening game. On the 3rd, at the Sejong Sports Orthopedic Clinic in Seoul, a re-examination revealed a fracture of the left metatarsal bone (5th toe). On the 4th, you will receive pinning surgery for the affected area. It takes about 12 to 16 weeks to compete after surgery.

In the second game of the Incheon Opening Series against SSG Landers on the 2nd, in the top of the 4th inning, he sprained and injured himself while going around third base as a runner on second base. It is expected that he will return to action at the end of June at the earliest or in the second half at the latest. He is an unexpected power vacuum for KIA. It is more painful because we expected a completely different contribution from last year, from the table setter’s ability to hit, the defense of third base and shortstop, and the genius running ability. 

Director Kim Jong-guk, who is in his second year, evaluated Do-young Kim as the core of his strength. He took a break from injury for the first year last year, but took him to the first team entry full-time. Juru was a necessary force because it was unrivaled, and there was also an aspect of consideration for gaining experience. It can be seen that he invested for a year. 

While in the first team, Doyoung Kim felt his lack of skin. So, from the second half, he modified some of his batting form, such as lowering his hand holding the bat. It was an effort to counter pitchers’ fast balls or breaking balls. In fact, the batting average in the second half rose to the second half of the 20% range and got a clue to the leap in the 2023 season. 

Geelong Korea gave up the participation due to foot pain, but instead focused on stamina and strength training during the off-season. He digested the spring camp with a much stronger body. From the 1st camp in Arizona to the 2nd camp in Okinawa, 100% was digested. Last year, it was belatedly added due to Corona 19, but this year, it was perfectly prepared for the season. The defense has also been upgraded to catch and throw through intensive training. 

His confidence was high, and the expectations of those around him were high. She took off her rookie tee and even showed her composure. He is a natural runner, and when it comes to batting and defense, it is like recreating the ‘baseball genius’ Lee Jong-beom. If he acts as a chance maker who creates scoring opportunities with his many on-base and quick feet, the structure of the batting line changes. When Choi Won-joon returned (June 13), he and Park Chan-ho could have three batters with 40 stolen bases in the batting line.  토토사이트

In addition, the vacancy of Na Seong-beom due to a calf injury and the deterioration of Choi Hyeong-woo could offset the long hitting and scoring power. In fact, in the first game of the opening game, he succeeded in his first at-bat hit and stolen base against Kim Gwang-hyun, laying the foundation for the first score. In Game 2, he went 3-for-3 and led to a 9-5 victory.

It was an activity that changed the color of KIA baseball. It seemed that I could finally see ‘Lee Jong-beom Baseball’. However, he was hit by an unexpected injury and up to 4 months of absence after only 2 games. Manager Kim’s season sketch is bound to be greatly shaken. Like Haetae without Lee Jong-beom. In the end, it seems that Choi Won-joon will have to return to breathe.

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