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‘Hannam University’s New History’ Director Park Kyu-sun and children “I will try to win the fall competition”

“I will try to win the fall competition.”

Park Gyu-sun, coach of Hannam University, revealed a bigger dream. On the 26th, Hannam University won the final match against Yonsei University at Sanyang Sports Park 3 in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, in the Tongyeong-gi final of the 59th Spring College Football Federation, after a close penalty shoot-out. The two teams were tied 2-2 until overtime. Won 5-4 in penalty shootout. Hannam University cheered as it won the first final stage of its founding.

Hannam University stepped on the final stage with fierce momentum. Previously, Kyunghee University (2 to 1) – Kyungil University (2 to 1) – Mungyeong University (5 to 4) – Sunmoon University (3 to 1) – Catholic Kwandong University (4 to 1) – Kwangwoon University (3 to 1) were lined up to advance to the final. . The last opponent was not easy. They even played a penalty shoot-out against Yonsei University. Hannam University gave the opening goal to the opponent in the 10th minute of the second half and won the championship by clenching their teeth in a situation where they were down 0-1. Coach Park, who reached the top, said, “I’m happy. I’m grateful that I was able to step on the finals stage for two consecutive years as a coach. The players worked really hard. I think they deserve the trophy.”

As a player, coach Park was the main player in the quarterfinals of the 2004 Athens Olympics. After his retirement, he nurtured juniors at Hannam University. Coach Park, who started as a coach in 2011, is writing the ‘history’ of Hannam University. He completed the championship at the 17th 1st and 2nd grade college football league held in Taebaek in July of last year. For the first time since its founding, it has reached the top of the autumn low school competition. ‘Director Park and the children’ also won the 2023 spring competition and clenched their fists.

Coach Park said, “It is meaningful. There are not many seniors these days. The seniors who came out this time worked hard until the end. There are many players who want to quit after their sophomore year. There is such a part because of the system. However, there are cases where they give up early. There is an urgent part. It means that even the seniors can work hard.”

He said, “I tried to do well with the build-up to the players. During winter training, I trained well on timing, etc. However, I did not prepare for the penalty shootout separately. Before the kick, confident players decided. It is not okay to prepare. That day’s condition Depending on the situation, I believe in the players,” he explained. Coach Park, who won the junior competition and the senior competition, dreams of a bigger dream. He laughed, saying, “Some of the injured players will return in the summer. I will also try to win the fall competition.” 메이저놀이터

Yonsei University tried to win the championship for the 12th time in its career, but failed to achieve it. After the game, coach Choi Tae-ho said, “It’s a shame because we lost. But the players worked hard.” Regarding the recent ‘ball-spinning controversy’, he bowed his head, saying, “I’m sorry to everyone. (Korea University Football Federation) I have nothing to say about the reward and punishment committee. I was also inexperienced because it was my first time experiencing it. I will do better in the future.” .

Dankook University won the first Spring University Football Federation championship since its founding in the final of the Hansan Battle held the day before. Dankook University won against Jeju International University 3-2 in the final match of the 59th Spring College Football League match against Hansan. Dankook University continued its upswing following last year’s U-League King of the Kings.

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