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Hanwha didn’t smile in the creepy tiebreaker, this pitcher smiled in the ninth inning to win the game

Rookie Moon Hyun-bin (19) hit a dramatic tying two-run homer in the ninth inning, but Hanwha couldn’t smile, blowing a chance to end the game and suffering a heartbreaking extra-inning loss. A game that could have been a hero’s game for Moon Hyun-bin ended in vain.

Hanwha was trailing 3-5 heading into the bottom of the ninth inning against Kiwoom in Daejeon on April 18. However, leadoff hitter Choi Jae-hoon walked on an eight-pitch count against Kiwoom closer Lim Chang-min to rekindle the flames.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki then took the mound himself and gathered the batters. The next batter, Moon Hyun-bin, swung at Lim Chang-min’s first pitch, a 141-kilometer fastball that was high on the body, and pulled it at the right time.

Sensing a home run, Moon raised his right arm. A 120-meter home run, his third of the season. It was a goosebump-inducing shot that tied the game at 5-5 and sent the Hanwha Life Glasspark into a frenzy. The 38-year-old veteran closer, who has 104 career saves, was completely overwhelmed by the 19-year-old rookie’s wild swing.

The next batter, Lee Do-yoon, hit a double to right field. With the tying run in scoring position, the game shifted to Hanwha. Kiwoom pulled Lim and brought in second-year right-hander Lee Myung-jong (21), who had been working out of the bullpen.

One hit and the game was over. Lee took a first-pitch strike from Lee Jin-young, who tried to bunt, and then fouled off a second-pitch bunt to get a favorable count. He worked the count to full, but got a swinging strike on the seventh pitch, a slider away from the body.

With two outs, the next batter, Kim Tae-yeon, struck out swinging again. This time, after preempting the initial strike with a low fastball, Lee took advantage of a 2-2 count by dropping a six-pitch changeup low. Kim Tae-yeon’s bat sailed through the air for another swinging strikeout.

The next batter was Noh Si-hwan, 토토사이트 who has established himself as one of the league’s top sluggers. He drew a foul with a fastball on the body in the first pitch, then followed it up with a fastball outside for two strikes. He fouled off an outside pitch in the third and then a low fastball in the fourth. It appeared to be down in the strike zone, but the umpire’s hand didn’t go up. A strikeout would have ended the inning, but the count was 2-2.

At that moment, Lee opened his mouth in disappointment, but he nodded and took the ball back with a big smile. The corners of his mouth turned up so much that his teeth were visible. Baseball is a game that can easily fall apart on a single call, but Lee remained calm and composed in the face of a potentially game-ending situation. The next five pitches, he threw a low slider to induce a grounder to third base. Lee was all smiles as he walked off the mound.

The game went to extra innings, with Ki winning 6-5. With two outs in the 11th inning, Lee hit the game-winning hit. The winning pitcher was Ha Young-min, who pitched a scoreless 10th inning, but it was Lee Hyung-jong who saved the day when it mattered most. In 12 games (17⅔ innings) this season so far, Lee has a 3-1 record with a 1.53 ERA. His fastball averages 139.7 mph, which isn’t fast, but his sharp slider and aggressive delivery are his strengths.

It was a disappointing game for Moon Hyun-bin, who could have been a hero if Hanwha had won. After batting leadoff in the 11th inning and drawing a walk, Moon was able to steal second base with the tying run on base. However, Park Jung-hyun, Lee Jin-young, and Park Sang-un all struck out, leaving him stranded at second base.

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