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Health, tenacity, trust… Three things that ‘Yong Jin-hyung’, who has risen in the US, asked for

SSG owner Jung Yong-jin’s love for baseball continues this year.

Owner Jeong flew 12,000 km and made a surprise visit to the team’s spring camp training ground in Biro Beach, Florida, USA on the 12th. Chung, who is serious about food, brought live lobsters from Maine to serve prime ribs and Korean-style LA ribs at the team dinner. The players welcomed the owner’s unusual visit to the US camp, saying, “It is a great source of strength and motivation.”

Owner Jeong, who visited the first overseas spring camp wearing an SSG uniform, toured the camp facilities including the clubhouse, weight training center, treatment room, baseball field, and indoor practice field, and arranged a dinner to encourage the hard work of the athletes and officials. The event was attended by a total of 94 people and proceeded in the order of greetings from the CEO, toast to the captain, and words of encouragement from the owner.

At the dinner party, owner Jeong said, “This is my first overseas spring camp wearing a Landers uniform. I am happy to meet you all in the United States far away from Korea, and I am glad to welcome all new players and foreign players who have joined the team.” He added, “I looked around the training facilities for a while before coming to the banquet hall, and it was going well.”

For the players, he emphasized three things: health, tenacity, and faith. 토토사이트 Owner Jeong emphasized, “When you don’t get hurt, train healthy, and your tenacity to win and trust in each other become one, you will surpass yourself and Landers last year.”

At the dinner, special menus such as lobster, LA galbi, and steak were provided. Thanks to the carefully prepared ingredients, the reaction of the players was so hot that there was a player who ate 8 by himself. In order to deliver the taste of Korean LA galbi as it is in Biro Beach, where there are few Koreans, he traveled directly to nearby cities such as Atlanta and Orlando to airlift Korean food ingredients. Along with this, various Korean side dishes such as kimchi were also provided. Ingredients were brought directly from Korea and made directly with the help of local Korean staff.

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