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‘I can do it next year’ Kane, thirsty for the championship, aims for the conference league next year. Willing to stay at Tottenham?

‘We can cut off 15 years of military service in the conference league next year!’

Will you blow your chance to escape the team because of your thirst for victory? The remarks of Tottenham Hotspur’s “unrelated ace” Harry Kane (30) are unusual. With prospects pouring in that he is likely to leave Tottenham in the summer transfer market, he expressed his will to achieve his dream of winning at Tottenham next season. It was a message that urged his fellow players to step up at the end of his season, but it contained hints about his own future.

The Daily Mail, a British media, reported on the 8th (Korean time) that ‘Kane has a chance to win the Europa Conference League in 2024, leaving clues that he may remain at Tottenham next season’. Kane’s remarks in an interview with The Independent are the key points. Kane said he could continue to play for Tottenham, saying that if Tottenham participates in the UEFA Europa Conference League next season, he will have a chance to end the championship drought.

Tottenham, who has played 35 rounds, is currently 6th in the league (57 points). On the 6th, Kane played the role of the team’s ace by scoring the winning goal against Crystal Palace in the 35th round of the EPL in the 2022-2023 season. With this goal, he became the second-highest scorer in EPL history.

Thanks to this victory, Tottenham’s chances of participating in the Europa League, which are given up to 6th place in the league, have increased. Of course, there remains competition with 7th place Brighton (55 points) and 8th place Aston Villa (54 points). Even if you lose here, if you finish 7th, you can go to the Europa Conference League, a ‘European tier 3 tournament’. Tottenham fans, of course, do not want to go down to the Conference League.

However, Kane revealed that he did not care even if it was in the conference league. “We have three games left, especially next week’s match against Aston Villa, which is important. If we end the season with a Europa League qualification, it will be a small reward for a difficult season,” he said.

This next statement is important. Kane said, “All the competitions that Tottenham will play next season cannot be ignored. If you participate in the Conference League, it is an opportunity to end 15 years of not winning. To win the Conference League is worth it.” Although the fans ignore it as a ‘three-tier tournament’, Kane does not dwell on such evaluations and only focuses on ‘winning’. He especially spoke as if he would join the ranks. This can be interpreted as a declaration that he will play for Tottenham next season as well. 메이저사이트

Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires next year. However, he is still lukewarm about his contract renewal. That’s why the ‘transfer rumor’ is getting bigger. Manchester United transfer rumors are the most talked about. Bayern Munich are also said to be interested in Kane. However, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy appears to have no intention of selling Kane. Moreover, he made comments such as saying that even Kane wants to win the championship at Tottenham. Kane’s loyalty to Tottenham is frightening.

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