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“I have faith that I will do well” I stayed in FA… Not on the spring camp roster, why?

Lee Jae-hak (33), a founding member of NC Dinos. When his free agent contract was delayed, he took a breather at the end of last year.

On December 15, he signed a free agent contract with his team, NC. Contract period 2+1 years, up to 900 million won. The total option is 350 million won, including the guarantee of 550 million won for 2 years and the execution of the contract for the 3rd year.

It was not a satisfactory level of contract, but it was news that I was waiting for with my heart. The veteran pitcher expressed great joy at staying in the team he played as a founding member. “It feels so good to be able to continue playing for the NC Dinos, which I have been with since the foundation. I will prepare well to show you a better image than the good times in the past with the mindset of starting anew.”

The NC club announced that Lee Jae-hak will join the team according to the schedule of CAMP 2 (NC Spring Camp) in February. The NC team will depart for Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 29th. Overseas camp to resume after 3 years. Unfortunately, however, there is no seat for Lee Jae-hak.

NC exceptionally included two new pitchers in this camp. They are first round right-hander Shin Young-woo, who is scheduled to graduate from Gyeongnam High School, and rookie Lee Jun-ho, who graduated from Kyungnam High School and Sungkyunkwan University in the sixth round.

One of NC coach Kang In-kwon’s goals for Camp 2 is to strengthen competition among starting pitchers. Director Kang, who has been eyeing the possibility of starting Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho since CAMP1 (finishing camp) at the end of last year, is planning a competitive structure for the 4th and 5th selection with Song Myeong-ki and Shin Min-hyuk. As a result, there were not enough seats. This is the background of Lee Jae-hak’s stay in Korea.

Coach Kang In-kwon said, “I regretfully excluded Jae-hak from the camp roster this time in order to see more promising new players.” explained why.

Lee Jae-hak is a founding member of the NC Dinos, who joined the Doosan Bears in the 2nd round of 2010 with the 10th overall pick and joined the KBO 2nd draft in 2011. As a member of NC, he is a veteran pitcher who left a significant mark in the history of the club, such as the first win, first complete pitch, first shutout, first rookie king, and first 10 wins in domestic selection. In the 2013-2016 season, he recorded double-digit victories for four consecutive years, and until this year, he won a total of 76 wins (70 losses) as part of NC, continuing the club’s record for the most individual wins. 바카라사이트

After achieving the last 10 wins in 2019, it has slowed down slightly since 2020. However, since last year, it is slowly getting back on track.

A founding member pitcher who experienced the pain of the market’s cold atmosphere and the exclusion of overseas camps. It is expected to be a stimulus for the second leap forward. He is full of will to save his wriggling skills, and he is young enough.

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