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“I want to continue basketball lessons,” says student president of an elementary school in the county.

“I wish the class could continue”

The first class of the ‘2023 KBL Traveling Basketball Class’ was held on the 13th. The event, organized by the KBL, aims to spread basketball to children and young people in environments where it is difficult to access basketball.

The ‘2023 KBL Traveling Basketball Classroom’ dispatches professional basketball instructors every week to provide education. For schools that do not have basketball hoops or have aging hoops, the KBL will help install and replace them. Training equipment is also provided free of charge.

In addition, KBL retired players and KBL undrafted players will be sent as instructors for the event. There may also be job opportunities for retired players or undrafted players.

The first school to be selected is Gunae Elementary School, located in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Paju, Gyeonggi-do. Retired KBL player Yoon Ho-seong will be the instructor. The program will be held every Thursday until September. In addition, the KBL replaced two aging basketball goals with full-sized ones.

Gunnae Elementary School was the first recipient of the program, so it was especially gratifying and meaningful. “It was easier to learn because the teacher taught us from a professional player,” said Ms. Choi Ji-bin, the student council president of Gunnae Elementary School.

“The previous basketball hoop was very old and low, but this one is different, and I like it better,” she added.

Of course, the first thing students need to do is study, but without physical fitness, it’s hard to handle the rigors of studying. That’s why the bouncing and bumping of basketball can be a great help to study. Basketball also teaches students about cooperation and sacrifice. This traveling basketball class could be a big turning point for students in the county’s elementary schools. 안전놀이터

For Ms. Choi, the basketball class is especially special. She has played basketball before and loves sports.

“Both dribbling and passing are fun, and although (basketball) is hard, I want to keep learning (basketball), and I want it to be every week,” she said, adding that she hopes for the continuity of the basketball class. “I have a regular class, but the basketball class is more fun (laughs),” she smiled.

Meanwhile, the KBL is looking for about 50 schools and facilities by November 2023, starting with Gunae Elementary School in Paju. The goal is to foster healthy emotions in children and young people through basketball and provide professional basketball instruction in underprivileged areas. As mentioned earlier, it is also expected to create jobs by providing coaching experience to retired and undrafted players.

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