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“I was fired three times because Roman was the owner!”…’456.6 billion spent and 14G 2 wins’ Porter is furious

A player from Chelsea also burst into anger. He argued that if Roman Abramovich had been the owner, manager Graham Porter would have been fired long ago.

Another lethargic defeat. Chelsea suffered a shock defeat 0-1 in the English Premier League (EPL) match against Southampton on the 19th. The shooting difference was doubled (17-8), but the effective shooting was not effective enough to be the same, and it collapsed as it allowed James Ward Prouse a fantastic free kick goal.

It’s a serious downturn. Chelsea have only 2 wins (4 draws and 5 losses) in their last 11 league matches and are in 10th place (31 points). The difference between West Ham United (20 points), 18th in the relegation zone, is the same as the gap with Tottenham Hotspur (42 points), 4th.

Even in the cup competitions held during that period, they all lost. In the English Football League Cup and FA Cup, they were thrashed by Manchester City and had to pack their bags lonely. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), in the first leg of the round of 16, he was hit by Borussia Dortmund and bowed his head.

It is an incredible performance for a team that spent 611.49 million euros (approximately 847.3 billion won). Chelsea have swept players by investing astronomical amounts in the transfer market since Todd Boelli took over in place of Abramovich.

Director Porter cannot be free from responsibility either. Chelsea showed confidence in Porter by investing 329.5 million euros (approximately 456.6 billion won) in the winter transfer market. It is absurd to say that all freshmen were recruited without his influence.

The tactical capability is also questionable. Coach Porter was well-received for bringing out a solid organizational power by combining well-known players during Brighton. However, in Chelsea, the limits of attack tactics that are less than these advantages are revealed first, and the team is falling into the middle of the day.

The club is still sending trust. Chelsea have made it clear on several occasions that they will give Porter plenty of time. 카지노

But others thought differently. Local Chelsea fans did not leave the field after the game against Southampton and complained about the team’s recent performance.

The same goes for former Chelsea player Tony Cascarino. He criticized Porter in a strong tone, saying, “If Obramović had still been the owner of Chelsea, Porter would have been fired three times by now.”

“I don’t think Boelli will be more patient with Porter, even though he runs Chelsea. Why is he content with mediocrity? I wouldn’t be surprised if Porter was sacked this week,” he urged Chelsea to make a quick decision.

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