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“I won’t miss the batting know-how” A meeting between a 10% hitter and a legendary geopo

It is a rather unfamiliar environment. KT infielder Shin Bon-gi (33) starts spring camp in the 2nd team for the first time in 12 years since his debut.

Shin Bong-gi played in 74 regular league games last season, recording a batting average of 1.82, 1 home run, 8 RBIs and 9 runs. After the first year of his debut, he achieved poor results, with his batting average falling to the 10th level for the first time.

Even though it was sluggish ahead of FA (free agent), kt reached out to Shin Bong-gi. KT general manager Na-Hyeon Na emphasized that “Shin Bon-gi is an experienced middle-class infielder, and is an essential player for strengthening the team’s infield depth.” signed an FA contract.

However, because of poor grades, he was not listed on the first team spring camp list ahead of the new season. In response, Shin Bong-gi has been sweating hard at the 2nd division camp held at the Iksan Baseball Stadium since the 1st, aiming for a rebound.

There were a lot of awkward parts because it was my first time at the 2nd Army camp. Shin Bong-gi said, “This is my first time at the second group camp. The schedule is tighter than I thought, and there is no time to rest in the middle.” seems to be,” he said.

Rather, I felt that the training for the second group, in which I had to work twice as hard as others to enter the first group, was more intense. Shin Bong-gi said, “I thought the atmosphere would be sluggish because it was a camp for the 2nd team, but it’s an atmosphere to work harder. I got a new feeling.”

As a senior, I have to set an example for my juniors, so I am paying attention. Shin Bong-gi confessed, “I have to show an undisturbed appearance, so I am paying more attention.

The free agent contract signed ahead of the new season is also a great motivation for Shin Bong-gi. He said, “I couldn’t play baseball anywhere else if it wasn’t for kt. I thought I had to play baseball better because it wasn’t a multi-year contract.” do,” he said.

“I’m not the main player, but for the team to achieve good results, a player like me needs to support me well from behind,” he repeatedly emphasized, “I have to do well.”

Shin Bong-ki, whose batting average was especially low last season, is sweating hard to improve his hitting. He said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this bad except when I was a rookie after coming to the pro. I couldn’t play many games because the hitting was so bad.” there is,” he explained.

There are strong supporters who came like fate to this new base. Coach Kim Ki-tae, who had a reputation as the best left-handed hitter in Korea during his active career, took the helm of the second team. Also, in 2021, senior Yuhan-jun, who won kt’s first integrated championship together, joined as the 2nd team hitting coach. 메이저사이트

Shin Bong-ki hopes to regain his sense of hitting under the guidance of coach Kim Ki-tae. He smiled, saying, “You have a good eye for batting, and you had a good understanding of batting as a player, so I’m looking forward to it.” .

As mentioned earlier, Shinbongi’s goal for the new season is to play many matches in the first team. He said, “There is no player who wants to be in the 2nd team. I want to prepare well and stay in the 1st team until the end and play in many games.”

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