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Incheon unveils ‘Vision 2023’ to lead 10 years at the ceremony… “I will break through the limits”

Jeon Jeon-su, CEO of Incheon United, declared a vision to lead Incheon for the next 10 years.

On the 19th, the 2023 Incheon United launch ceremony was held at the Incheon Global Campus Auditorium in Yeonsu-gu, Incheon. The 1,800 seats pre-booked by Incheon fans were sold out, with the team including the owner Jeong-bok Yoo, mayor of Incheon, CEO Jeon Jeon-soo, and coach Cho Seong-hwan participating.

Jeon Jeon-soo, CEO of Incheon, announced the 10-year vision of Incheon at the ceremony. In addition to the limits of the Korean professional sports market’s ▲revenue from broadcasting rights ▲limits from ticket revenues ▲limits from attracting advertising sponsors, Incheon is facing fundamental labor cost limitations as a civic club.

Representative Jeon said, “Before deciding to stay, I met with the representative of the fans and said this. When the fans come with only two people in their hands, Incheon becomes a soccer city. Everyone, I believed in the promise and answered. I will do my best,” he said, asking, “If Incheon fans fill up the Incheon soccer stadium, which is their home stadium, we can overcome the structural limitations of the market.”

In particular, Incheon has limits on spending on player salaries as a citizen team. Last season, Incheon spent a total of 8.8 billion won in annual salary for the players. Ranked 7th out of 12 K-League 1 teams, in contrast to Jeonbuk Hyundai last season with 19.7 billion won (1st in spending) and Ulsan Hyundai with 17.6 billion won (2nd in spending).

Incheon emphasized three values ​​under the slogan “Break Through the Limits!” in 2023, the 20th anniversary of its founding. ▲Sports value, with a focus on winning, winning, and talent development;

In addition, the club cited ▲ data-based team operation ▲ fan-centered organization ▲ fostering talent in Incheon as strategies to break through the limits.

CEO Jeon said, “We were able to recruit Shin Jin-ho, Zerso, and Mpoku because owner Jeong-bok Yoo actively supported them. However, we cannot raise the cost indefinitely. 메이저놀이터 We need an era in which we can grow. “We want to develop a virtuous cycle structure so that we can settle at the forefront. I hope Incheon fans can watch happy sports.”

In addition, he said, “Incheon has a future growth engine worldwide. Incheon citizens have pride. We also have to design a suitable future. Together, we will lead the future of Incheon and create an era of Incheon that leads football.”

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