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Injury variable from the first game… Fill the void left by Jeju, ‘Captain’ Choi Young-joon

Jeju United’s task is to fill the void of ‘captain’ Choi Young-joon.

Jeju’s ‘captain’ Choi Young-joon was seriously injured in the opening match. The exact circumstances have not been revealed, but a long-term departure is expected to be inevitable. Wearing a Jeju uniform last season, Choi Young-joon has played a key role in midfield. He played 36 games last season. Armed with relentless play and leadership, he even took over as captain this season.

That’s how Jeju met with a big variable from the first game. In the absence of Choi Young-joon, Kim Bong-soo, born in 2000, and Han Jong-moo, born in 2003 and under the age of 22 (U-22), are expected to fill it. Kim Bong-soo is a multi-player who goes back and forth between midfielder and defender. He’s not fast, but with accurate predictions and clever play, he’s become the manager’s trusted man. Han Jong-moo is a promising star from Koo Ja-cheol’s ‘Kok’ family. He appeared in 14 games last season. He can also stand in the midfield for Koo Ja-cheol, who was deployed as a left-sided striker in the opening game. Lee Chang-min, who predicted a big success before his enlistment, also played full-time in the opening game.

The defense burden of Kim Bong-soo and Han Jong-moo is expected to be relieved by a strong defense team. 먹튀검증 This season, Jeju has become more solid at the back door. The three-back series of Jeong-woon, Lim Chae-min, and Kim Oh-gyu showed solidity. Even as a backup, Song Joo-hoon is enduring. It reinforces not only speed but also height, and shows a defense that does not leak water. Lim Chae-min, who joined later, also showed a better movement than expected. Goalkeeper Kim Dong-joon also started his first match scoreless.

Moreover, Jeju suffered injuries one after another in the opening game and was unable to use the offensive card to its heart’s content. Hayes was not even appointed, and Seo Jin-soo was put into extra time. In particular, Hayes and Yuri showed outstanding chemistry from the battery training. Expectations are high on what kind of synergy will be shown in practice. Seo Jin-soo, born in 2000, showed a different look after he was discharged last season, scoring 4 goals in 8 games. Jeju goes up to Daegu FC on the 4th to challenge for the first win of the season.

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