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Jeonbuk ‘NEW goalkeeper’ Jeong Min-gi “I want to work with (Cho) Kyu-seong, the goal is a zero-point concession rate”

Jeong Min-gi, considered the best goalkeeper in the K-League 2, wore the Jeonbuk Hyundai uniform. The second team of Jeong Min-ki’s soccer life became the best team in the K-League. After making his debut in Anyang in 2018, Jeong Min-ki played 97 games in K-League 2 alone. His ability to block with his long arms stretched out is his strength, allowing only 41 goals last season and recording a 1.0 goal loss rate.

On the 12th, at the Jeonbuk Hyundai Clubhouse located in Bong-dong, Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, we met Jeong Min-gi, who is facing a new challenge. Jeong Min-gi said that he is adapting well with the help of Jo Kyu-seong and Maeng Seong-woong, 바카라사이트.who ate rice in one pot in Anyang. He also expressed his desire to be with Cho Kyu-sung, who became a star through the World Cup, even for a short time.

His excitement and tension coexist. Along with the joy of being recognized for his growth over the past five years, he feels the burden of replacing the vacant spot of national team goalkeeper Song Bum-keun. Nonetheless, he showed confidence with a specific goal of a zero-to-zero run rate.

Below is Jeong Min-gi’s Q&A.

-I got to eat together with my close friend Cho Kyu-sung again. Did you talk about Jeonbuk before transferring?

It wasn’t there before the transfer. It was when Kyuseong was on his way to the World Cup. He became such a star. He was close, so I was worried about contacting him. He scored the goal and congratulated him, but he was a bit shy about contacting the busy Kyu-seong (about Jeonbuk). He came and went and said congratulations.

-What did Cho Kyu-seong say when he heard the news of his transfer to Jeonbuk?

Trusted his brother and told him to do it. that he can do well He said it wouldn’t be easy at first, but he believed in himself and if he did, he would be able to show good abilities. He instilled a lot of confidence.

-During Anyang days, were you in a position to give advice to Cho Kyu-seong? 

I wasn’t playing much at that time. After the workout, Kyu-seong practiced shooting, and I blocked it. I’ll try again here.

– Rumors of Cho Kyu-sung’s overseas transfer continue to emerge.

I’m already sad every time I see an article. I also belong to Jeonbuk, so I don’t want to go out for the team’s championship. I need to cheer for a big dream, but I hope I can run a little bit.

– What has changed after coming to Jeonbuk?

I came to the biggest and best team in the K-League. Anyang is a strong team in the K-League 2, but Jeonbuk is the K-League champion. It is true that there are many burdens. He needs to fill the spot of national team goalkeeper Song Bum-keun. Still, I believe that if I show my ability, the fans will like it too.

-How was it when you received the offer from Jeonbuk?

To be honest, I didn’t think I was on that level. I was so grateful when I received the offer and came with the thought that if I go to a new team, I should devote myself to that team.

-I don’t think it was easy to leave FC Anyang, which unfortunately failed to promote.

In fact, I didn’t talk about that with my agent and family for two weeks. I knew you were struggling so much. For two weeks, I spent time resting without thinking about anything. After that, I heard that I would have to transfer rather than stay in Anyang. From then on, I transferred after making some mental preparations.

-There are a lot of Anyang colleagues who have risen to the K-League 1.

I am very close with Akosti. We always talked a lot. (Kim) Kyung-joong’s house invited me to eat with his family. Akosti is a very nice person, almost half Korean. Immediately after the season, rumors of a transfer to Suwon Samsung came out. He suggested that we exchange uniforms when we meet at the stadium. He also told me not to score goals against me.

-Which players are you close with after coming to Jeonbuk?

There is Maeng Seong-woong. Without Seong-woong, it would have been a little more difficult for him to adapt. I think it was easy to adapt to because he helped me a lot and taught me a lot. Sung-woong also developed more football. During his days in Anyang, he was teased for not being able to shoot, but looking back now, he does.

-What was the conversation you had with director Kim Sang-shik?

We talked when we first came to the clubhouse. ‘Competition with goalkeepers is inevitable, and you will grow through that competition. Please show me a good image like you did in Anyang.” He instilled confidence. The coach hired me because he wanted me, and I want to repay him.

-What is Jung Min-gi’s strength?

I think the advantage is the advance. Maybe that’s what the director thought of. He is not without confidence in his build-up. He did not build up in Anyang. You will have to adapt and work hard, but if you train a lot, you will develop and you will be able to show a good look in the build-up.

-What did you talk about with coach Lee Woon-jae, the legendary goalkeeper?

‘I can’t block the ball going into the corner. You have to block the ball that needs to be blocked.” He talked about really basic things in detail. When he trains, he gets to think too. At first, he said that it would be difficult to fix them all at once, so let’s fix them one by one. I will try harder.

-I think your life has changed a lot since you came to Jeonju.

If I am in Anyang, I go to cafes or places like this in Seoul. I don’t know very well yet. That’s why I didn’t do anything on the weekend and rested. If you search and look around a lot, life here will be good. I like quiet things, but the atmosphere seems to be like that. The weather is nice too.

– Jeonbuk’s goal is treble. personal goals.

I wanted to play in the Asian Champions League (ACL). I want to play a lot of games in the league, but I can’t do it all at once. There are many tournaments and there is a good goalkeeper named (Kim) Jeong-hoon. The goal is to compete in good faith and participate in as many matches as possible. Also, for 5 seasons, he has not been able to give up a run rate in the 0-point range. Last year it was only 1 point. This year, I want to show an ERA of 0 points.

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