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Jeong Bum-mo, who returned to Hanwha as a coach, “retirement is a reality, I studied life for 17 years”

After retiring, he returned to his parent team, Hanwha. Now, Jung Beom-mo (36) is the battery coach.

Coach Jeong Bum-mo finished last year’s season and ended his 17-year playing career. After he was removed from NC’s reserve list, he received an offer from Hanwha to coach Bae Touch for the remaining army and decided to start a second life as a leader. Hanwha did not forget coach Jung Beom-mo, who worked hard with extraordinary sincerity since his days as a player. At the end of last year, the whole family moved from Changwon to Seosan, preparing for the first step as a leader.

Coach Jung Beom-mo said, “I have a new feeling after coming back to Hanwha. Everyone welcomed me so I felt like I was back home. As a leader, I feel a greater sense of responsibility. I will learn a lot from good coaches,” he said. “I honestly thought that extending my active duty was greedy. Ips were there, and it was not easy to play anymore. The professional world is real. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not something I can say I want to do more of. Thankfully, Hanwha gave me a coaching proposal, so I retired.”

After graduating from Cheongju Mechanical Technical High School, Coach Jung Bum-mo, who was nominated by Hanwha with the 18th overall ranking in the 2nd 3rd round in 2006, was a promising catcher who was offered a scout by the Minnesota Twins in the Major League during high school. However, his professional life has not been smooth. At the beginning of his debut, he underwent elbow surgery and rehabilitated, and from 2012 he received a first-team opportunity and showed potential, but his potential was not fully blossomed. He was traded to NC in March 2018, and until last year, he played 485 games in 13 seasons in the first team, recording a batting average of 2.8, 196 hits, 19 home runs and 96 RBIs.

Coach Jeong Bum-mo said, “Compared to my grades, it took a really long time. It’s not easy to spend 17 years calmly like this,” he said with a laugh, “It was a time when I was studying life. I learned a lot from coach Han Dae-hwa, who gave me the first team opportunity, coach Jang Jong-hoon, coach Cho Gyeong-taek, coach Lee Dong-wook and Kang In-kwon, whom I met at NC, and coach Gong Pil-seong, who I worked with at Futures last year.” told

Coach Jung suffered psychologically during his playing days. Since he wasn’t doing well, he was getting more and more withdrawn and withered. He even received psychological treatment and struggled to overcome it. Coach Jung said, “There were many psychological difficulties while playing as an athlete. There are things I wrote down when I was a player about why I didn’t do well. In a difficult situation, the players will think about what to do together and suggest a way. I want to be a coach that players can trust. We need to build a relationship of trust with the players so that we can develop each other. I won’t say anything I can’t keep. I will pay attention to your words,” he said.

The five years I spent in NC were therefore more meaningful. Coach Jeong said, “I’m only at Hanwha, but when I went to another team, everything was new. I was able to see why NC had done so well and how the players prepare by taking routines. I wondered what 토토 it would have been like if I had done this a long time ago. It was a time to study, thinking that it would be good to teach the players this way when they become leaders later.”

The most memorable moment during his 17-year long career was the NC team’s home run to end the Changwon Samsung match on August 7, 2019. Coach Chung said, “I dreamed of hitting a home run, but it came true once.” Coach Jung, who recalled the pitchers he worked with, said, “As expected, (Ryu) Hyun-jin had the best ball. The (former) Changmo, (Jang) Hyunsik, and (Drew) Luchinski balls I received from NC were also really good. It was an honor to be with good pitchers.”

Lastly, coach Jung said, “The fans have given me a lot of love, but I couldn’t live up to my expectations. I will return the love I received from the fans to the players as a leader. As a player, there were regrets, but as a leader, I will set an example of what I did not do well and show a good image. I will study a lot,” he promised.

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