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‘Jingdong, break it with my hands’ BLG, finals confirmed at the end of full set

Bilibili Gaming (BLG), which was defeated once, challenges Jingdong Gaming (JDG) again at the highest position.

At 6:00 pm on the 11th, in the final match of the losers group held at the Yancheng International e-Sports Center in Suzhou, China, BLG defeated EDG 3-2 after a full set.

In the match, both teams showed different flavors in all five sets. In the first set, BLG, who had been ahead of the line before, confirmed the match without much difficulty.

Like Doran in the LCK, BLG Bin (Jax) scored a lucky goal to defeat EDG Jie Jie (Wukong) attacked by BLG Bean (Jax) in the opponent’s top ganking in 4 minutes, BLG Shun’s bottom ganking success in 5 minutes, and 5 in front of the dragon in 17 minutes With a -5 match win (1-3 exchange), the weight of the game slanted sharply towards BLG.

The player who decided the match was Bean. In the 21st minute of the battle, which was favorable to EDG, Bean landed a counterattack (E) on EDG’s bot duo Liv-Meiko (Aphelios-Lakan), giving BLG’s ranged dealer Elk (Xayah) time to enter. Elk recorded a quadra kill and created a ‘one deal difference’.

In the end, after an overwhelming ‘one deal difference’, BLG easily won the victory in 27 minutes. In particular, BLG’s victory became the only game that won on the ‘Red Side’ that day.

The second set of keywords was object engagement. In the second set, which ended with the victory of Blueside EDG, Jie Jie (Wukong) played a big role. 

He led a 3-3 victory over bots with accurate deal calculation in the bottom ganking around the 3rd minute. Then, in the 14th minute of the messenger battle, he attacked the opponent’s side and won 3-1 by using Revolving Strike (R) exactly at the timing of BLG’s Elk (Zaya)’s ultimate ending.

Since then, the focus has been on defense. Jie Jie, who intensively marked the opponent’s Bean in every fight and showed off a rotational attack that hindered Bean’s (Jacks) jump. In particular, because of this, Bean could not do anything in the teamfight in the 34th minute. In this battle, EDG acquired the soul of the sea, and defeated all EDG who gathered in the nest to stop it.

The keyword for the 3rd set was dragon. From the beginning of the game, the dragon was the center of the joining battle, and Yagao’s animation had an impact on both the early and mid-late halves, giving BLG a complete victory. 바카라

Yagao continued to score goals for the team by joining faster than the opponent by roaming in the 3rd and 6th minutes of the game. In particular, after catching Meiko with the 6-minute blink-Tibber, he also took down Liv to create a bottom advantage.

In the messenger battle, a split push was held instead of a 5-5, but EDG was unable to achieve even that smoothly amidst Yagao’s performance in capturing Popo (Ari) with Shun during a 20-minute split push.

It was the 27th minute that decided the game. Yagao’s skillful play to block Jie Jie’s (Wukong) surprise attack from the rear led to the team’s numerical superiority and became the driving force to destroy the Nexus in just one minute.

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