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‘Kane will never go to Manchester United’… why? ‘Because of Ronaldo!’

Harry Kane (Tottenham) transfer rumors to Manchester United are hot.

Kane is Tottenham’s ‘living legend’, but he has never won a championship cup so far. Because of this, many experts urged Kane’s transfer. It means going to a team that can win. In this situation, there are endless reports that Manchester United, which is looking forward to the glory of Alex Ferguson next season, desperately wants Kane.

However, a person appeared who claimed that Manchester United would never sign Kane. The main character is Frank McAveny, who was active as a striker at West Ham and Aston Villa.

He presented a decisive reason why Kane could not go to Manchester United through England’s ‘Football Insider’. It’s because of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Recently, there was a ‘Ronaldo Law’ in Manchester United. The law is key to getting rid of the dominantly paid player on the team. Ronaldo received a high weekly wage of 500,000 pounds (800 million won) from Manchester United, which collapsed the weekly wage system within the team.

As a result, many Manchester United players felt a sense of alienation, and in the end, it had a negative impact on forming the original team. Accordingly, Manchester United decided to fix the weekly wage system and created the ‘Ronaldo Law’. 바카라

Manchester United introduced a wage cap of £200,000 a week to prevent a player from earning overwhelmingly more than his peers. This is the ‘Ronaldo Law’.

The core that McAveny claimed as the reason why Kane couldn’t go to Manchester United is the ‘Ronaldo Law’.

He said: “Man United has Ronaldo’s law. You can’t earn more than £200,000 a week at Manchester United. Do you think Kane will accept this wage system? It’s absolutely not likely. Kane will not leave Tottenham until the wages are reduced.” claimed that

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