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KBL hit product? ‘Kim Seung-gi Derby’ returns after 12 days

Carrot recorded 3 losses in away matches against KGC until the 3rd round. The 1st and 2nd rounds were lost by 11 points and 7 points, but the 3rd round was different. It was a close game until the last minute of the fourth quarter. However, in the 10 seconds before the end of the game, Park Ji-hoon gave 5 points and lost 82-84. Controversy arose after the decision, and including this defeat, Carrot had a nightmare of falling into five consecutive losses. During this period, director Kim Seung-gi lost about 5 kg in weight.

However, the situation turned the other way when Carrot brought KGC to Goyang. KGC was powerless. He committed 10 errors and recorded 27.0% (7/26), down 8.0% from the average 35.0% three-point shot success rate. Taking advantage of this gap, Seong-Hyun Jeon (23 points) and Didric Lawson (23 points) bombarded Carrot, and Jin-Yoo Kim scored a double-double with 12 points and 17 rebounds. Carrot won by 20 points (85-65). First of all, revenge is a successful carrot.

However, Carrot’s situation is not always good. The main guard Lee Jung-hyun is averaging 6.0 points, including 3 points against the DB on January 19th. His point average this season is 14.6 points. He is constantly playing for more than 30 minutes and is looking for a sense, but he has not yet been able to shake off his sluggishness. 토토사이트
In addition, Lee Jong-hyun, who had a high name value, was sent to Jeonju KCC. Lee Jong-hyun played an average of 13 minutes and 25 seconds in 24 games at Carrot. However, center Kim Jin-yong and guard Park Jae-hyeon, whom Carrot received, have never stepped on the court this season. It is not a resource that will be of great help to Carrot right away because it is all about playing in the D-League. Director Kim Seung-gi also said, “I plan to raise it in the process of rebuilding next season.”

Against Carrot, KGC recorded 3 wins and 1 loss after losing to Carrot in the 4th round. There was no sense of hitting for KGC. Also, at the time of the 4th round confrontation, KGC was the first game after the All-Star break. If you say that this season’s break has passed, you must have met Carrot in the process of suffering defeat.
KGC has recently suffered from a sluggish spellman. He is a spellman who scored 12 points against LG on the 28th and only 2 points in the gas construction match. However, his sluggishness did not last long. In the previous game against KCC, he bombed 34 points and had a splendid showdown with opponent Ronde Hollis Jefferson. Will Spell Man, who has shaken off his sluggishness, be able to unleash another firepower against Carrot?

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