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KIA’s iron man is sick… The team was ‘nervous’ due to injury, KIA ran early in the examination results

KIA, who suffered from an incident in which the return home was delayed by a day due to local weather conditions, was nervous about another news on the 26th. Shortstop Park Chan-ho (28) and outfielder Lee Chang-jin (32) were unable to depart for Okinawa, the second camp site, as scheduled due to a right wrist injury.

The injuries of the two players are similar, but the texture is slightly different. Changjin Lee was injured while making a diving catch during the game. The cause of the injury is relatively clear. Conversely, Park Chan-ho is interpreted as the result of accumulated wrist pain during the camp. He thought that the pain would subside if he managed and treated it, but it did not, and the pain became so strong that he had to undergo a checkup in the end. Both players will undergo a checkup on the 27th and check their current wrist condition.

Lee Chang-jin is also an important player, but Park Chan-ho’s departure could be more painful given his weight in the team. It is not easy to replace the shortstop position with another player right away. because of the defensive burden. It is all the more so when considering the circumstances of the KIA team. This is a position that Park Chan-ho has consistently held for the past four years. Other players don’t have much experience. Even in this year’s plan, Park Chan-ho has been positioned as the ‘number 1 shortstop’, so he does not have much time to experiment and develop other alternatives.

Despite the fans’ anxiety, Park Chan-ho occupies a large part in the team. Looking at the record, it’s hard to deny this. The number of appearances in the shortstop position, which is the commander of the infield defense, symbolizes this. Park Chan-ho has played 535 games in the last 4 years. Looking at the entire league, there are only two shortstops who played in more games than Park Chan-ho during the same period: Sim Woo-jun (kt 553 games) and Oh Ji-hwan (LG 551 games). Even defensive innings were 4521 innings, the most among shortstops during this period.

Park Chan-ho has a play style that is easy to get hurt. He is so dynamic. He often throws his body because stealing is one of his skills. Nevertheless, he has endured without major injuries for the past four years. He appeared in over 130 games all four years. Last year, he took a step up in his career, adding 42 stolen bases to a .272 batting average in 130 games. It was expected that he would expand further this year based on his performance last year, but unexpected wrist pain caught his ankle.

You just have to wait for the test results. If the injury is light, there is a possibility of preparing for the season in time for the opening after relieving pain with a conditioning program. It would be best if he joined Okinawa even late, but since he is already recognized as the main player of the team, ‘participating’ in Okinawa practice game itself is meaningless. 카지노 The most important thing is to wait for the opening in a normal physical condition. As the season is long and he is a starting player this year, it is better to avoid the wrist injury as much as possible, which causes great stress not only in games but also in everyday life.

Conversely, if the injury is not light and you have to stick to a rehabilitation program for the time being, KIA will also be in an emergency. It is expected that the biggest topic in the Okinawa camp will be how to fill Park Chan-ho’s gap at the beginning of the season. An outstanding talent named Kim Do-young is waiting, but the burden is different when Park Chan-ho is present and when he is not. In the KIA’s process of nurturing a promising player named Kim Do-young, Park Chan-ho’s departure from injury is not always a positive thing. First of all, KIA expects the results of the examination on the 27th to be hopeful. KIA’s strategy, which is promising an early rush, also depends on this result.

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