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Kim Gi-dong, director of Pohang, was appointed as the head of the daily honorary civil affairs service office at the Pohang Tax Office.

Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong has been appointed as the head of the Pohang Tax Office’s daily honorary civil service department.

Director Kim attended the ’57th Taxpayer’s Day Ceremony’ held at the Pohang Tax Office on the 3rd. At the commemorative ceremony, Kim Jin-eop, head of the Pohang Tax Office, received the ‘Certificate of Appointment as Honorary Civil Service Office Director’, and Director Kim moved to the Civil Service Office to exchange greetings with tax office staff and meet Pohang citizens. 먹튀검증

Meanwhile, Pohang Steelers, led by manager Kim, will play Suwon FC away on the 4th. Following the come-from-behind victory in the first round of home opening on the 26th, they are determined to continue a pleasant streak on the road.

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