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Kim Hee-jin underwent surgery on her right knee… “It takes about a year for rehabilitation”

IBK Industrial Bank of the professional volleyball women’s division announced that day that Kim Hee-jin had knee surgery on the 27th.

Kim Hee-jin, who suffered from knee pain since the beginning of the season, participated in 28 games this season, continuing to exercise under the management of the club, such as strengthening her muscles and rehabilitating her based on the results of her medical treatment at the hospital.

According to the club, Kim Hee-jin did her best despite the pain for her teammates and fans, but decided to have an early surgery in consultation with the club to prevent the expansion of her injured area and prepare for the next season. 슬롯사이트

Kim Hee-jin underwent meniscus surgery on her right knee, and her rehabilitation is expected to take about a year.

An official from the club said, “We plan to provide maximum support for Heejin Kim’s quick return.”

IBK Industrial Bank said, “We plan to show a game that can completely fill the void of Kim Hee-jin by using various players in the remaining round 6 matches of the 2022-2023 season.”

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