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Kim Min-jae’s Napoli contract ‘torn to shreds’…”Munich triggers buyout within hours → 64 billion”

Now that Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli) has passed his medical, Bayern Munich is poised to take the next step and pay the buyout clause, which would tear up the contract between Kim and Napoli.

“Bayern Munich will trigger the buyout clause for Kim Min-jae in the next few hours,” Italian journalist Luca Bendoni of Di reported on social media on Aug. 8 (KST).

Di was founded by renowned Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. Di Marzio is known as a highly trusted journalist among domestic soccer fans and fans alike for his factual coverage of Italian soccer news.

In 2013, he was one of the first to break the news of Ki Sung-yueng’s loan move from Swansea City to Sunderland in the English Premier League.

Di Marzio also has ties to Napoli, Kim’s current club, as his father, Joanni Di Marzio, was the head coach of SSC Napoli from 1977 to 1979.

Bendoni, who works with Di Marzio, reported that German Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich are expected to trigger a buyout for Kim in the coming hours. A buyout is typically a process where a player pays his club to void his existing contract. However, since the player doesn’t have the money, the club that wants to sign him pays the buyout amount instead.

In this case, Munich’s buyout would make the contract between Napoli and Kim Min-jae a shred of paper.

Napoli’s contract with Kim has a buyout clause that 메이저도메인 is only valid for foreign clubs outside of Italy between July 1 and 15.

“Kim agreed to a five-year contract with Munich, with a total annual salary of €9 million,” Bendoni explained.

Kim, who was reportedly earning €2 million a year at Napoli, has seen his salary increase 4.5 times in just one year, making him one of Europe’s top defenders.

As for the amount of the buyout that Munich will pay, the report claims that “Napoli will earn €45 million (approximately $641 million).” This is a far cry from the highly publicized €50 million buyout for Kim Min-jae.

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