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Klins Manho, a ‘trick of fate’, ‘Korean Derby’ with Kim Pan-gon Malaysia in the Asian Cup… Group lottery announcement

Klinsmanho’s 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final group draw results have been released. Klinsmanho will play the ‘Korean Derby’ in the Asian Cup.

The AFC held the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final draw ceremony at the Qatar Opera Hall in Doha at 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 11th. The Korean national football team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, was assigned to Pot 1 along with Japan, Iran, Australia and Saudi Arabia, as well as the host country Qatar, according to the pot allocation announced before the group draw.

On this day, instead of the FIFA World Cup method, in which teams are drawn from pot 1, the group draw was conducted from pot 4. Therefore, Korea, which belongs to pot 1, was called in the last pot order in a situation where the matchups of all groups were almost decided. Qatar captain Hassan Al-Haidos was in charge of the Pot 1 draw. 먹튀검증

Korea, considered one of the strong candidates for the championship in this tournament, was placed in Group E, which was previously occupied by Malaysia, Jordan, and Bahrain. As a result, the ‘Korean Derby’ was held against the Malaysian national football team led by coach Kim Pan-gon.

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