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Kyungbok High School’s Lee Geun-joon, who is about to make his high school stage debut, “Choi Jun-yong is his role model”

“I have Choi Jun-yong as my role model. He does not cover my perimeter, calmly attacks, watches all passes, and blocks foreign players well, so there are many things I want to learn.”

Gyeongbok High School is preparing for 2023 centering on practice games with Chung-Ang University and Baejae High School in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Among 먹튀검증 the many players at Kyungbok High School, Lee Geun-jun (195cm, F) stands out.

Lee Geun-joon, who started playing basketball at Chimsan Middle School in Daegu, failed to play in a single game last year after entering Gyeongbok High School. This is because he was sentenced to a one-year suspension following the transfer. At the National Men’s and Women’s Championships, where he was able to participate, he missed an opportunity to play because of an injury.

Lee Geun-joon’s presence can be well known by looking at the grades during the 2021 pickling. In Chimsanjung, he was eliminated from the preliminaries at the association president and federation president season where Lee Geun-joon was absent due to an injury, but advanced to the semifinals in the weekend league Wangjungwangjeon where Lee Geun-jun returned.

Among the players who applied for the overseas training project for promising players organized by KBL, Lee Geun-jun was one of the most influential players selected by the applicants. He was unfortunately eliminated, but Lee Geun-jun is recognized for his skills by his peers.

Lee Geun-joon, whom I met after morning training at Heungbu Gymnasium in Heungbu Sports Park on the 10th, said, “I am practicing a lot to try again to do well because there are so many things I lack.” He told me how to prepare for 2023, saying, “I practice dribbling a lot because there are a lot of them.

Gyeongbok High School coach Lim Seong-in said, “It was difficult (during the mountain) to bring it. It should be a swing role. When he was in middle school, he was a center, but he was a player who had to come out of the center anyway. He doesn’t have a long ball speed, so he plays basketball clumsily. His physical condition and shooting are good. He also trains hard,” he said. “There are mistakes in the details. Why is there such a mistake? That needs to be fixed. There are so many advantages. He’s good at shooting from the perimeter, he’s good at rebounding, and he’s good at defense because he’s quick. The ability to read the game is poor,” explained Lee Geun-jun.

Lee Geun-joon said, “Because I started (basketball) later than other players, I focus more and try not to make more mistakes than other players.”

When Lee Geun-jun said that he had not been able to play for a year, he said, “The time has come to show at the individual championships, but at that time, I was very upset and sorry because I was injured. Still, I tried to look better when I played. It was unfortunate, but I put in a lot of effort,” he said. “My shooting got better. In the past, I couldn’t do any outside defense, but now I can keep up little by little. He improved his shooting and defense,” he told me about the improvement over the year.

Unlike in middle school, at Kyungbok High School, you have to play outside.

Lee Geun-jun said, “There are many things that don’t fit. When I participate in rebounding, it sometimes overlaps, but I have to supplement and practice this part.”

Lee Geun-jun, who unfortunately missed the opportunity to study in the United States at IMG Academy for two months, said, “My parents were very sorry at that time. I was also disappointed,” he said. “Even if I don’t go to IMG Academy, I’ll show it during the season, 먹튀검증 and I think it’s fine if I do well.”

Lee Geun-joon, who is about to debut on the high school stage later than others, said, “I hope I can lead Kyungbok High School to the championship and make myself known. I want to be known as a player who is good at rebounding and shoots well,” he said. “I have Choi Jun-yong as my role model. He doesn’t cover my outskirts, attacks calmly, watches all passes, and blocks foreign players well, so there are many things I want to learn.”

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