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‘Leg fracture’ Neuer, a serious situation at the time…’Emergency dispatch to helicopter’

Manuel Neuer, who was on vacation after being eliminated from the World Cup, is currently bedridden with a leg fracture injury. But at the time, the situation was very serious.

German media ‘Bavarian Football’ quoted a report by ‘Bild’ on the 11th (local time) and said, “Neuer was injured while skiing while on vacation. At that time, mountain rescuers even mobilized a helicopter for rescue.” 토토

For Neuer, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was a nightmare, just like the 2018 World Cup in Russia four years ago. Four years ago, they lost to Korea and were eliminated from the group stage, and in this tournament, they were caught by Japan. After a disappointing tournament, Neuer went skiing in Germany’s Spitzingsee region to freshen up.

However, Neuer suffered a broken leg in a skiing accident. According to reports, at the time there was only 11 cm of snow in the area, and there were warnings that the skis could get stuck in the rocks, but Neuer ignored it and skied. After being 토토 rescued, Neuer was reportedly transported to a nearby hospital and underwent surgery.

At the time, the situation was quite serious. Neuer was unable to move, and a mountain rescue team was urgently dispatched and even mobilized a helicopter.

Meanwhile, Bayern Munich, who heard the news like a thunderbolt, is struggling to return Alexander Nubel from AS Monaco on loan to replace Neuer, who was injured.

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