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Lim Young-woong · Hero Era, even beautiful stories everywhere… K-League fans melted

Sangam bees were excited by the ‘Lim Young-woong effect’. It also wrote a new history of being the largest spectator in professional sports after the Corona 19 incident. Singer Lim Young-woong and his fans finished the festival leaving behind stories that would surprise even the club officials.

The number of spectators who visited the Seoul World Cup Stadium for the match between FC Seoul and Daegu FC on the 8th, when Lim Young-woong became a hot topic, was 45,007. This is the record for the largest number of spectators in professional sports since COVID-19. It is 14th in the K-League’s total record, but it is the first ever since 2018, when official counting of paid spectators began.

Tickets were sold like hot cakes, and inquiries were pouring in to the club’s secretariat, realizing the “Lim Young-woong effect” even before the game. In particular, even though sky blue is the representative color of the fan club, it became a hot topic among soccer fans as Lim Young-woong directly requested respect for the soccer fandom culture, such as avoiding sky blue outfits and asking them to watch the game until the end because it is the symbolic color of the opposing team Daegu.

In conjunction with the Lim Young-woong effect, the Seoul club secretly expected to break through 40,000 spectators in 7 years since 2016, but more than 5,000 people visited the stadium. The fact that the surf cheering, which can only be done with a large number of spectators, took place in a K-League game rather than an A-match meant that a large number of spectators were present and the game was played in a festive atmosphere.

Lim Young-woong, who was originally scheduled only for a time celebration event, even performed at halftime to reward fans for their support. In particular, Lim Young-woong as well as his backup dancers wore soccer shoes or futsal shoes to prevent the grass from getting damaged, and received applause from all soccer fans. Afterwards, Lim Young-woong watched the game to the end and left the stadium. Seoul defeated Daegu 3-0, and Seoul fan Lim Young-woong also left the stadium in a good mood. 먹튀검증

Lim Young-woong, as well as back dancers, performed in soccer or futsal shoes, and Lim Young-woong fans responded with other stories. At the request of Lim Young-woong in advance, I watched the game to the end. Afterwards, he was reported to have cleaned up all the trash from the seat he was sitting on as he left the stadium. A club official also said, “I was very surprised. He cleaned up all the garbage without any trash,” and applauded Lim Young-woong fans who showed dignity until the end.

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