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Man United is in a hurry…”Kim Min-jae to Man City, Guardiola will have an effect”

The possibility of Kim Min-jae going to Manchester City cannot be ruled out. This is largely due to the presence of manager Pep Guardiola.

United are planning a rebuilding in defense next season under manager Eric ten Haag. The sale target is already being discussed, and the names of Viktor Lindelof and Eric Bai are representative. European football transfer expert Rudy Galetti said: “Man United are looking to sell Bailey and Lindelof and try to bring in a new centre-back to the transfer market this summer.”

Among the new center backs Manchester United is aiming for, the most likely target is Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae performed unbelievably in his debut season at Napoli this season. Ahead of this season, he transferred from Fenerbahce to Naples and succeeded in adapting in one season, and immediately took the place of Napoli’s main center back. His innate physicality and defense, as well as his quick feet and wide coverage, fully demonstrated his strengths. In the end, Kim Min-jae led Napoli’s first league championship in 33 years in the first season of his transfer.

Recently, Manchester United revealed the specific terms of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment. The UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “In Kim Min-jae’s contract, there is a clause that allows release only for overseas clubs this summer. The amount is 40 million pounds (about 66.9 billion won). We have a plan to defeat rival teams by offering £88.6 billion.”

Here, Man United is preparing not only the transfer fee, but also a higher salary to persuade Kim Min-jae. Italian media ‘Area Napoli’ said, “Although Kim Min-jae is satisfied with his life in Naples, the annual salary of 6 million euros (approximately 8.7 billion won) that Manchester United will offer is enough to seduce Kim Min-jae.” A transfer fee of 53 million pounds (approximately 88.6 billion won) and an annual salary of 6 million euros (approximately 8.7 billion won). Manchester United is truly committed to signing Kim Min-jae.

However, Manchester United is not the only club targeting Kim Min-jae. Currently, Man City is also aiming for Kim Min-jae. The Turkish media ‘Ajanspor’ said, “Manchester teams want to recruit Kim Min-jae. Manchester United and Manchester City are a major obstacle to renewing Kim Min-jae’s contract. It is. Guardiola’s existence will definitely have an effect on Kim Min-jae’s move to Man City.” 메이저사이트

Currently, Man City is aiming to win the English Premier League (EPL). In addition, they want to win the first treble in the history of the club, aiming to win both the England Football Association Cup (FA Cup) and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Based on this, Guardiola’s recent back 3 tactics are shining. Man City’s propaganda continues because there is a back 3 based on systematic build-up and organic movement.

If Kim Min-jae goes to Man City instead of Manchester United, he can absorb not only defensive but also tactical movements under Guardiola. ‘Ajanspor’ also predicted that Guardiola’s guidance would be an element that Kim Min-jae would find attractive to Manchester City. Meanwhile, Man Utd is doing its best not to lose Kim Min-jae to Man City.

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