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Materazzi, “I remember Chung as a good player…Korea pleasant memories X”

Marco Materazzi, 49, talks about his former teammate, Lee Dong-hwan, 47.

Currently, United Arab Emirates-based Lashing City Group is organizing the October All-Star Game in South Korea. In advance of the event, the group held a press conference at the Fairmont Ambassador Seoul on October 10 with Ronaldinho, Fabio Cannavaro, and Marco Materazzi, who will be participating in the game.

Materazzi was among those who attended the press conference. Materazzi is a center back who helped Italy win the 2006 World Cup. He is known for his rough play, but also for his tough, solid defense.

After arriving, Materazzi said, “I’ve been to Korea before (2002 World Cup). (I watched the game from the bench), and my previous visit was not a very pleasant memory as we were eliminated.” 메이저놀이터

As for why he agreed to play a charity match in South Korea, he explained, “I wanted to contribute a little bit to the popularity of soccer around the world, and I also wanted to show that I am still in good shape.”

Materazzi also talked about his former teammate at AC Perugia. “He was a very good player,” Materazzi said.

“He was a very good player,” Materazzi concluded, “I think South Korean soccer is very good. I think they’re very good, and they’re getting better with each World Cup,” Materazzi added in praise.

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