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Mental strength emphasized by ‘new command tower’ Klinsman… “Mental is important in major tournaments”

“The most important thing in a major tournament is the psychological part.”

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann attended the 2023 Korea Football Association (KFA) Leaders Conference held at the Goyang International Youth Culture Center on the 15th and said, “I watched a total of 33 games during the Qatar World Cup,” and said, “I realized that the most important thing is the psychological part. Germany , Spain, Denmark, etc. have the power to achieve better results, but they lacked psychological preparation. The most important thing in a big competition like the World Cup is the mental part above all else.”

Coach Klinsmann is a legendary striker in German football and has led the German national team and the US national team as a coach in the past. He led Germany to third place in the FIFA World Cup and led the United States to a Gold Cup title. He also led the United States to the World Cup round of 16.

Coach Klinsman has been with football in various roles as well as his leadership life. In last year’s World Cup held in Qatar, coach Klinsmann participated as a member of the FIFA Technology Research Group (TSG) and grasped the trend of modern football.

Coach Klinsman, who has accumulated many experiences, said, “The national team coach needs to cooperate with the players, as well as with the medical team, media team, marketing, and administrative support staff. It is most important to collaborate through communication with people doing other tasks.” He conveyed the mindset that a national team coach should have. 베팅룸 토토

“Managing human resources is the top priority. We need to understand the players’ psychological state and find a way to help them,” he said. . It is especially important to infuse a certain goal or motivation to the players,” he said.

Head coach Klinsman, who was newly appointed to lead the national team, focused first on the upcoming competition.

He said, “Now, the Asian Cup, which will be held in January next year, takes precedence over the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America. It is important to set a clear goal from the leader’s point of view.” In order to achieve this, I will try to find a solution in the remaining time.”

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