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‘Neapolitan Trio’ is on the verge of disbanding… After Kim Min-jae, Hbicha was also ‘difficult’

Napoli, which is considered the strongest in European football this season, but the negotiation table is not easy.

Football Insider reported on the 19th (Korean time) that Napoli are having difficulties negotiating a contract renewal with striker Hvica Kvarachhelia.

The biggest issue is the release clause. Napoli are reluctant to insert the release clause requested by Kvarazhelia.

Georgian Kvarachhelia is the hottest player in European football this season. He wore a Napoli uniform for a transfer fee of 15 million euros, but with his performance in Serie A and the Champions League, the current market value set by Transfer Markt soared to 60 million euros. While Real Madrid and Newcastle United are aiming to sign Kvarachhelia, the actual transfer fee is sure to exceed 100 million euros.

According to Football Insider, Napoli are reluctant to insert a buyout clause, estimating Kvarachhelia’s potential transfer autonomy at £140 million.

The weekly wage of Kvarazhelia, who has emerged as the top star in Serie A, is only 26,000 pounds (approximately 41.3 million won). Napoli set up a negotiation table to renew the contract in order to hold on to Kvarazhelia for a long time, who has established himself as an irreplaceable player in the team.

Napoli is having trouble renewing contracts with Kvaratsu Helia as well as Kim Min-jae and Victor Osimen. According to reports from Calcio Napoli on the 5th of last month, Napoli president Laurentis lowered the annual salary cap to 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.3 billion won) and lowered the entire team salary cap to 75 million euros (approximately 101.2 billion won). It is a situation where it is inevitable to raise the salary to catch the leading players, but it went completely opposite. While Kim Min-jae and Osimen are also connected to several big clubs, there is a prospect that Manchester United in the English Premier League can recruit both players at the same time. 스포츠토토

President Lawrence declared, “We have no debt,” and declared that he could protect all players, but the dominant analysis is that it will be difficult to catch all three lines in reality. Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause, and Osimen’s contract expires in 2025.

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