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‘Now the attack is over’… Seongnam confirms the recruitment of two foreign strikers

Seongnam FC recruits two new foreign players.

An official from the K-League transfer market said, “Seongnam has confirmed the signing of Denilson and Christie Manzinga.” The two players finished the recruiting process this week and appeared in the press release of ‘Average 5,000 home spectators’ sent out by Seongnam on the 17th.

After Mulich left, Seongnam had troubles at the forefront. First of all, I played the game with Lee Jong-ho as the starter and Jeon Seong-soo as a backup, but I was very disappointed. Lee Jong-ho and Jeon Seong-soo struggled to the best of their ability, but were often isolated and failed to score. Even though they played high-pressure soccer and Park Sang-hyeok and Park Ji-won supported them, they scored few goals in the front line, which was a big disappointment.

The need for foreign strikers was raised. Even before the season, Seongnam was aiming for a foreign player from Brazil. However, it failed and they were aiming for a new foreigner. We aimed to complete the recruitment before the registration period, and eventually brought in two new players. Denilson, who was born in France and played for Cheongju FC, joined Manzinga, a national of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Manzinga has mainly played in European leagues. He started his career with Royal Châtelet in Belgium and continued his career with Motherwell in the Scottish League. He moved to Linfield, the top team in the Northern Ireland League. After playing as a bench resource, he was dropped as the starting pitcher in the 2021-22 season and played 25 matches scoring 17 goals. 메이저놀이터

After that, I went to Geojegi in Zala, Hungary. During his Linfield days, his destructive power did not come out well. He scored only one goal in 14 league appearances. Manzinga sets out to revive by building a new nest in Seongnam. Seongnam has definitely gained strength in the challenge for promotion as two foreign players joined at once. 

Denilson wore a Cheongju uniform in the summer of 2022 after playing for several teams in the Brazilian league. it was a rental Aerial bombardment with 190 cm was an advantage. He didn’t play many games. He appeared in 6 matches in the K3 League and scored only 1 goal. After the season, he failed to renew his contract with Cheongju and returned to his original team, Rio Claro. After that, he became involved with Seongnam and succeeded in entering the K-League 2.

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