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“PK must be filled”, “There is no ceremony to follow”… Shin Tae-yong’s two sons who talk too much

Shin Tae-yong (53), coach of the Indonesian national team, entered the Hall of Fame with special recommendations from his two sons.
The Korea Professional Football Federation held an induction ceremony for the K-League Hall of Fame on the 2nd at Ambassador Seoul Pullman in Jangchung-dong, Seoul.

The ‘K-League Hall of Fame’ was newly established by the federation to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the K-League this year. It consists of three categories: player, leader, and contributor. Beginning this year, nominees will be selected every two years.

Coach Shin was named in the third generation of players. Called the ‘fox of the ground’ during his active career, he debuted at Ilhwa Chunma (now Seongnam FC) in 1992 and received the rookie award. The following year, from 1993 to 1995, he was a key midfielder in the anecdote, helping to win three league titles in a row. In 1995 he even won the league MVP.

He won another three league titles in a row from 2001 to 2003. Coach Shin recorded 99 goals and 68 assists in 401 games until 2004. His record of winning the most K-League season best eleven awards (9 times) is a record that has not been broken to this day.

Prior to the awarding of trophies and certificates of dedication, Shin Jae-won (25, Seongnam) and Shin Jae-hyeok (22, Ansan Greeners), sons of Shin, read a recommendation message. Those who are on the K-League stage said, “As a member of the K-League, it is an honor to recommend my respected soccer player and father as the first inductee.”

The two showed off their wit as well as their father. Shin Jae-hyeok said, “Twice winning the league three times in a row and being selected as the best eleven ninth time is a record that no one will be able to break.” He laughed, saying, “My father didn’t take a penalty kick to keep his promise to the fans that the 100th goal in his career would be a field goal.” “I heard he regretted it later.” Then he said, “I will definitely kick the penalty kick when the opportunity comes.”

Shin Jae-won recalled a special memory, saying, “After I scored the winning goal in Seongnam this season, the fans put my name in my father’s cheering song and sang it.” He said, “I think my father’s ceremony was simple compared to his ability.” 메이저사이트

We asked Shin Jae-won and Shin Jae-hyeok, whom we met after the event, about the background of the impressive recommendation. Shin Jae-won gave credit, saying, “I told the federation about my memories with his father and they organized it well.”

For those who followed their father on the ground, the achievement of entering the Hall of Fame was tangible. Shin Jae-hyeok expressed his respect, saying, “I have felt the greatness of my father while playing as an athlete every year.” “Through this dedication ceremony, I realized the greatness of my father once again.”

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