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Praise pouring down on Kim Min-jae, who collapsed during the struggle, and even being selected as the ‘team MVP’

Kim Min-jae fought until the end and collapsed with all his strength. Local media paid attention to Kim Min-jae, who worked until the end to prevent Napoli defeat.

On the 4th (Korean time), Napoli, who played the 25th round of Italian Serie A 2022-2023 at Stadio Diego Armando Maradona in Naples, Italy, lost 0-1 to Lazio. It is Napoli’s first home defeat of the season.

Kim Min-jae showed high contribution in many ways, such as good defense and a header that almost scored. However, he could not prevent the conceding situation from the far side.

Kim Min-jae, who competed in speed with the opponent’s fast-footed wingers to prevent Lazio’s counterattack in extra time, collapsed on the pitch as soon as the final whistle blew, and the ground put his hands on his hands to breathe. This appearance was noticed by relay cameras and local media all at once. The local newspaper ‘Calcionapoli 24’ highlighted this scene separately and made an article about it.

The daily newspaper ‘Gachetta dello Sport’ lists both the best and worst players per team, and Kim Min-jae was selected as Napoli’s MVP. At the same time as introducing Kim Min-jae’s defensive situations, ‘People kept calling Kim Min-jae’s name this time. Kim Min-jae is the idol of Naples fans, and he almost made a tie, conveying the local atmosphere. It is a unique Naples cheering method of chanting Kim Min-jae’s name.

‘Eurosport’ gave Kim Min-jae 7 points, the highest score in the game. On this day, along with scorer Matthias Vesino, Luis Alberto (above Lazio), Min-jae Kim, and Giovanni Di Lorenzo (above Napoli) were tied for the highest rating. The media evaluated ‘Kim Min-jae as a warrior who does not get tired even in the storm’. 위너 토토

In addition, 6.5 points from ‘Sky Sports Italia’ and 6.5 points from ‘Calcionapoli 1926’ were also the highest in the team.

The rating calculated based on detailed records by soccer statistics company ‘Whoscored’ also ranked first in the team with 6.9 points for Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae had 1 shot on target, 163 ball touches (1st in the game), 146 successful passes (1st in the game), 94% pass success rate (3rd among starting players), 8 aerial shots (1st in the game), 100% aerial win rate, recorded 2 kicks. There were only two effective shots in the team, and one of them was Kim Min-jae.

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