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‘Private Life Revealed’ Hwang Eui-jo’s side “stolen cell phone → hacking concerns”… Appointment of counsel, legal response, secondary perpetrator also in search mode

“In May, Hwang Ui-jo received a threatening direct message (DM) on social media. We are checking to see if it is the same person who distributed the video this time.”

Hwang Ui-jo, 32, a national soccer striker who is set to make a comeback in Europe’s big leagues, canceled a fan meeting hosted by FC Seoul’s parent company on Saturday ahead of his departure. After consulting with his management company, UJ sports, he hired a lawyer and began a full-scale legal response to the controversy that erupted on social media the day before with a series of articles, photos, and videos revealing his private life.

The aftermath has been devastating. The day before, an article titled ‘National soccer player Hwang Eui-jo’s private life’ was posted on social media. ‘A woman who dated Hwang Eui-jo’ said, ‘He gaslighted numerous women by pretending to be in a relationship with them, sleeping with them, and avoiding establishing a relationship because he had to go overseas again. Many women have been victimized similarly to me, including many celebrities,” she claimed.

“There are also many photos on Hwang’s phone that we don’t know if they were taken with the women’s consent or if they are illegal. I hope there will be no more victims,” she added. Along with that, he posted photos and videos of Hwang Ui-jo taking off her top. The post was supposed to be “public” but was later made private.

Hwang’s camp immediately refuted the claims. “UJ sports” said on its social media page, “Hwang Ui-jo Official,” that “we have confirmed that unfounded rumors and sexual slander have been circulated regarding Hwang Ui-jo’s personal life,” and that “we have requested and are monitoring an investigation into those responsible for creating and spreading the rumors.” It continued, “We have also requested and are monitoring an investigation into those responsible for creating and spreading the rumors.

“We have confirmed that all of the content uploaded through social networking services is untrue, and we will take strong legal action against those who spread and disseminated illegally obtained information about the athlete’s personal life and damaged the athlete’s honor. 메이저사이트

An official from Hwang Ui-jo’s side told us, “My cell phone was stolen last year in Greece (while playing for Olympiacos). In May, a threatening message was sent to Hwang’s (social media) account.” The first DM was in English and said, “There are a lot of interesting things on your phone,” with the nuance that it would expose your private life.

“Immediately after receiving the DM, we tracked him down with a local agent. His iPhone is known for being difficult to open (from a locked state). As a result, it seems that someone got hold of the phone and it was hacked months later.” “The previous day’s post was written in Korean, which makes it even more embarrassing,” he added. As it is not easy to track down the distributors on their own, they plan to hire a lawyer and request a police investigation.

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