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Real can afford to lose Mbappe…’substitute’ loses out to ‘GOAT’ Messi’s surefire companion

Real Madrid has identified Julian Alvarez as Kylian Mbappe’s replacement.

“Real have identified Manchester City’s Alvarez as a replacement for Mbappe in case they fail to sign him from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) next summer,” British outlet Sky Sports said on its official social media account on July 11.

There is a transfer saga that has been heating up the transfer market this summer. PSG ace Mbappe has been linked with a move to Real. Mbappe, who is under contract at PSG until 2024, dropped the “bombshell” this summer that he would not sign a contract extension with the club.

PSG panicked. If they didn’t sign Mbappe, they would have to let him leave via free agency next summer. In that case, PSG would not be able to recoup even a fraction of the huge investment they made in signing him. In response, PSG began publicly pressuring Mbappe. President Nasser Al-Khelaifi expressed his disappointment in a statement and even removed Mbappe from the Asian tour roster.

At the same time, he pushed for a new contract. PSG even “threatened” to withhold his name from the first-team roster for a year if he didn’t re-sign. Mbappe was stubborn, though, and PSG eventually put him on the market for sale.

Several clubs approached, including Saudi Arabia, Chelsea, and Liverpool. A loan to Tottenham Hotspur was even mentioned. Of course, Mbappe didn’t react. He blocked all transfer possibilities and stood by his decision.

This is where the Real transfer rumors came in. It was as likely as ever. It’s no secret that Mbappe sees Real as his future destination. If Real were to make a move and PSG were to accept their offer, a deal could be done.

But Mbappe stayed with the team. He was adamant about staying at PSG for another year and somehow managed to repair his relationship with the club. Of course, there are still no talks about a new contract, so a move is still possible. As a result, many locals expect Real to make a serious push for Mbappe next summer. 온라인바카라

Let’s not get carried away. Real have already tried and failed to sign Mbappe twice. There’s no reason to believe the same won’t happen next summer.

In the meantime, they’ve identified a replacement. Alvarez is the man. He plays for Man City and was Lionel Messi’s “unquestioned helper” at the last World Cup in Qatar, leading his team to victory. At the club, he’s Elling Holland’s backup, but this season he’s been playing regularly as an attacking midfielder or second striker, taking advantage of Kevin De Bruyne’s injuries.

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