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‘Return to Korea’ FC Seoul Hwang Eui-jo “I will play with the heart of a rookie”

Hwang Eui-jo, who met with reporters before leaving for the second winter battery training in Kagoshima, Japan on the 6th, said, “I thought a lot about the future. He thought a lot because there were proposals from various teams such as the United States, but he decided that playing in Seoul would be an opportunity to go to Europe again and show a good appearance.” Hwang Eui-jo, who played for Olympiacos (Greece), officially announced a six-month lease contract with FC Seoul on the 5th.

It is a reunion with Seoul coach Ahn Ik-soo after 10 years. Hwang Ui-jo, who made his professional debut at Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma (currently Seongnam FC) in 2013, grew into an outstanding striker under coach Ahn. He was called ‘Prince Ahn Ik-su’ and ‘Ahn Ui-jo’. In the video of Hwang Ui-jo released by Seoul on the 5th, director Ahn saw Hwang Ui-jo and shook his hand, but also playfully kicked him.

Regarding the reunion with director Ahn Ik-soo, Hwang Eui-jo said, “I remembered my rookie days. Isn’t director Ahn Ik-soo very scary? However, the actual coach (to the players) gives a lot of good and warm words. I think there are a lot of things to learn as a soccer player and as a human being. He is learning a lot from that part,” he said.

Hwang Eui-jo continued, “When I was a rookie, I was scolded by the director a lot, but after seeing him for the first time in a while, I thought a lot about being a rookie. 먹튀검증 Anyway, I think he will have to play while playing the game with the mindset of a rookie during the six months he will be playing in Seoul,” he said. “I didn’t set a target attack point. I think the first thing is to melt into the team quickly,” he emphasized.

Regarding the K-League, which was played again, Hwang Eui-jo said, “I played in the K-League for the first time in six years. I think he must have changed a lot from before. There are many good players on every team. There are many teams with such good players. It seems that there is a lot of expectation for that part,” he said. I want either team to score goals as quickly as possible.”

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