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‘Seong Han-soo manager system’ Kim Cheon, coaching staff composition completed in 2023

In 2023, a coaching staff to lead Kim Cheon’s managing director has been formed. Head coach Seong Han-soo, coach Kim Chi-woo, coach Shin Sang-woo, goalkeeper Jeong Seong-yoon (GK) coach, and physical coach Shim Jeong-hyeon will be with Sangmu Kim. 스포츠토토
Head coach Seong Han-soo will take over as head coach in 2023, following Kim Cheon’s head coach in 2022. The term of office is until July 2023, when a formal director is appointed. Coach Seong played for Daejeon Citizen, Jeonnam, and Changwon City Hall (former National League). Afterwards, he continued his leadership career at Honam University and Seoul Jungnang Soccer Team (K3).

Coach Chi-woo Kim, Coach Sang-woo Shin, and Physical Coach Jeong-hyeon Sim, who were together in 2022, also accompany Kim Cheon.

Jung GK coach was newly 스포츠토토 appointed. He started as a GK coach for the women’s soccer team of the Armed Forces Sports Unit in 2013 and served as a GK coach in China for three years from 2016. Since 2018, he served as the GK coach of the Boeun Sangmu soccer team for about four and a half years.

Physical therapist Kim Yeong-hyo plans to work with Kim Cheon for the third year. Power Analyst Kim Min-hyeok will also accompany him in 2022. Nam Ki-won, a medical trainer, was newly appointed. He played for the Jeonnam Dragons from 2009 to 2017.

Meanwhile, Sangmu Kim Cheon, who has completed the appointment of the coaching staff, plans to start winter training in Changwon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 15th.