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“Shall we go out to play?” A flirting baseball bat… There’s no reason you’re doing this

In late March, ahead of the opening, a doll character with a motif of baseball equipment appeared on Instagram. Gongi, Batty, and Globby. These characters with openly intuitive names made their followers into voluntary marketers by saying, “My mother said, “If I get 1,000 followers, I’ll make a doll for you.”

The name of this account is ‘baseball bag universe’. You seem to be trying hard not to show off, but a club comes to mind in a strange way. ‘Gongyi’ wears a turquoise cap with a capital D on it, and Batty’s muffler is the same color.

After reaching 1,000 followers, they held a ‘photo card’ event, and this photo card is on sale at the NC Team Store. The NC Dinos official account does not follow the baseball bag universe. what is identity? why the hell On the 4th, I inquired about the two people in charge at NC Park in Changwon and asked them why they were doing this.

Reporter: Goods made by professional baseball teams usually have a hardened process from production and publicity to release. However, ‘Baseball Bag Universe’ suddenly had an Instagram account and promoted ‘You have to have 1,000 followers to make a doll’, so I got curious.

Manager Lee Seon-young (hereafter referred to as Young): The 1,000 people pledge was a way to recruit followers through word of mouth. To be honest, we were constantly talking about developing new characters, but after starting with a simple sketch and posting a proposal, the idea of ​​making a doll, promoting it, raising awareness, and then developing it into goods came out.

Reporter: Making a sample to show first.

Manager Young: I thought it would be nice to make goods or other contents after raising the character’s favorability.

Reporter: You keep making memes for ‘profile pictures’ on social media. Is this the same context?

Young: These days, creating and operating an account for a specific character has become popular. I first thought about what it would be like to follow it. The ball, bat, and glove, which are elements of baseball, are the basic props necessary for baseball, so I decided to make a character using them.

Manager Lee Hangyul (hereafter referred to as Gyeol): In NC, the mascots Dandi and Serri are firmly established. In addition to this, there was a request for new character development, so I started to do it, but I was cautious about whether or not this would work in the market (I wasn’t sure). So, I decided to release the content first, see the fans’ reactions, and go to the next step based on that. Instead of producing products and leaving stock, we tried to make products based on consumer reactions.

It’s a bit of a behind-the-scenes story, but in fact, the unit price of the sample dolls was quite expensive. First of all, a lot of details were put in because the content had to be exposed beautifully. I made it as pretty as possible to see the reaction. And I thought about the next steps one by one and decided on a mission, and then I wanted to quickly fill 1,000 followers. So we continued to communicate until dawn and there were many things like that. 먹튀검증

Reporter: From the time the account was first created until now, the NC Dinos account has not been following the baseball bag universe. What is the plan for this too?

Manager Young: We make it, but since characters are the basic elements of baseball, I have a desire to go ‘pan-baseball’ or even ‘pan-sport’.

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