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‘SON’s position is solid – GK is replaced’ What is the best 11 of Tottenham’s new coach?

Who will make up Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager’s best 11?

Tottenham sacked Antonio Conte during the season due to poor performance. After that, he switched to the acting system of Christian Stellini.

While maintaining the acting Stellini system until the end of the season, he made a plan to spur the appointment of a successor command tower.

However, the acting system of Stellini was not smooth either. The result was not as expected, and Tottenham replaced him with Ryan Mason.

Tottenham’s move to appoint a formal command tower is currently in progress, but manager Arne Slot is evaluated as influential.

Slot is a 44-year-old young command tower, leading Alkmaar in 2019 and walking the path of a leader in earnest. Since 2021 he has been in charge of Feyenoord.

Slot coaching system Feyenoord secured the Dutch league championship in six years while gaining an advantage in the competition with Eindhoven this season.

In this situation, the British media ‘Football London’ predicted the formation and best 11 if manager Slot took the baton of Tottenham.

Coach Slot predicted that Tottenham would use 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 tactics, but all predicted that Son Heung-min would be included in the starting list and his position would be solid. 안전놀이터

“Son Heung-min will be placed on the side of the second line and provide the team with the creativity and goals it needs,” he expected.

He emphasized the need for a new owner of the goal, saying, “The first thing Tottenham needs to solve in the summer transfer market is to recruit a goalkeeper who can become the team’s No. 1 for the next few years.”

Tottenham’s goalkeeper has been guarded by Hugo Lloris, but due to poor performance, mistakes are frequent, and the atmosphere of planning a replacement is being detected.

Due to Lloris’ aging, Tottenham have decided they need a replacement and plan to move in the upcoming summer transfer window.

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