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‘The core of both countries’ Mitoma vs Valverde, showed class

The match drew attention with the confrontation between Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton Albion), who became the core of the Japanese national team, and Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) of Uruguay.

The two players showed their respective classes and showed why they are popular players in both countries.

The Japanese national soccer team drew 1-1 in their home match against Uruguay in the March A match evaluation held at the Tokyo National Stadium on the 24th at 7:30 pm.

Korea and Japan will alternately fight opponents in the March A-match evaluation match. On the same day, at 8:00 PM, Korea meets Colombia, and on the 28th, Korea exchanges Uruguay and Japan exchanges Colombia.

It was the match between Mitoma and Valverde that drew the most attention in the match. Of course, the positions are different as wing and central midfielder, but expectations were raised on how the two players would perform as representatives of both countries.

Since the opening goal came from Valverde, there was no choice but to pay attention. In the 38th minute of the first half, a low cross from the right side of Uruguay’s offensive EO hit the defender’s foot and flew backwards, and Valverde hit a right-footed half-volley shot just outside the box. The ball hit the crossbar and Valverde ran back in and pushed it to his head. It was fortunate that the ball that came out of the goal was headed towards Valverde, but it was a goal that showed off Valverde’s concentration as he rushed in without giving up. 바카라

Valverde not only scored, but also played at the center of the game to the point of giving Uruguay a midfield advantage against Japan, whose strength was midfield.

Mitoma also fully showed off her strengths. Except for the scoring scene, Japan’s counterattack opportunity was most threatening when Mitoma took the attack from the defense to the front of the opponent’s box through a quick and long dribble. Mitoma pushed the Uruguayan defense back and shook it with his dribble. Mitoma’s dribbling was so good that the Uruguayan defense was at a loss.

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